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Time gabby mother spoke on the phone to her. So gaby is driving this van that she owns her boyfriend is with her and he unexpectedly comes back from this road trip without. Gabby he drives the van. All the way back to florida where his family lived and then just refused to say anything about what happened to her where she was so gaby family. Growing increasingly concerned finally reported her missing on september eleventh. Whatever you can do to make sure my daughter comes home on asking for that health. There's nothing else about me now. This girl right here. This is what matters. That is it so from september eleventh up until today eleven days later this case has basically grown out of nowhere taken over the internet and exploded. Okay we now know about the domestic incident that happened on august twelfth. And there's an interesting new tic tac theory about gabby petito and brian laundry allegations that. Brian appeared on instagram. Live accidentally for two to three seconds and viewers saw water. As if he were on a boat. I think today there's been like hundreds of billions of use of the gabby petito hashtag on top and there's also been massive searches conducted by the fbi and local law enforcement today the fbi executing a search warrant at the home brian laundry shared with his parents and his fiancee gabby petito to be but went on a trip. One person return and then person that returned isn't providing this information so he was pretty rapidly named a person of interest in the case. Where does all this extra interest in the case lead To because that was where she was last sighted on. August twenty fourth. And so keep that dayton your mind. Because on september sixteenth the moab city police department released a this body cam footage of police responding to a nine one one call that happened on august twelfth. Grandjean go ahead and set your keys on the desk for all right. What you guys his. Name's gabby brian okay. What's going on inviting personally. And there's over an hour of footage really bad. Ocd cleaning straightening. I was apologizing is the saints. I'm sorry that i'm so mean. Sometimes i get really frustrated. Not like and once this body cam footage is released. Then they're suddenly millions of more is on this case and millions of people talking about it and about how she was acting in how he was acting in this footage and how the costs responded Especially because now this footage is being looked at just as a domestic violence incident which is how it was initially called in inviting me in the car or children down. She's clearly upset in the footage. She spends most of the entire hour crying. Just sobbing while ryan tries to downplay the whole incident. So tell me what's going on his word up. Sometimes i try and really business myself plumbers car and we also see the cops coming in for a lot of criticism here because the police in the body him footage although they responded kind of sympathetically to gabby and the went out of their way to try and make them separate for the evening but they also really acted as though gabby was being histrionic day. Sort of like bro. Breakfasted brian and like trying to bond with him over. How you know sometimes women just have these breakdowns me. If i were to say that joint where does the body cam footage lead while. It brought more tips right. Is you have more people looking at the case and thinking about their own reflections. So i saw bryan laundry parking. His van august twenty six at spring creek. Hi my name's ryan baker and on august twenty ninth my boyfriend. I picked up. Brian at grantee national park at five. Thirty at night at colter bay. I'm one hundred percent. Certain that i did see him parking his van and he was very kind of awkward and confused and it was just him. There was no gabby and among them was one check that probably proved crucial to to really narrowing the search for for. Gabby we pulled in. We've got double gopro so we have one that faces front and one that faces my husband while he's driving and the gopro. Just keep rolling on september nineteenth. This couple who had been vacationing in the grand tetons on august twenty seventh remembered that they had captured video footage of van on the side of the road and we pass by their van are a white van and the white van had florida plate and we were excited and this was kind of just an extraordinary chance so many things had to align for this to happen because they went back and they found video footage of this van that was quickly identified as being potatoes and i ran to the computer. Hold out my footage. Scroll through it. And lo and behold gabby van was recorded in there by a complete accident when they actually went to search there that search apparently was successful because on september nineteenth they authorities announced that they had found a body that they believed matched the description of gabby potato and i believe the autopsy was yesterday. Tuesday what did they conclude. The fbi confirmed on tuesday. That the human remains found in wyoming. Were gabby and that. This was a homicide and as far as we know the last person who saw her alive was brian laundry and no one has any idea where he is correct. Police have brought in underwater divers to search for him in florida swamps and other bodies of water around the region of his family's home. I believe that pretty strongly implies that the cops in florida. I think that there's a possibility he took his own life. And so if that happens Gabby stanley will never know happened to her. You know you think they only just found out after a month of searching that she died and that she.

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