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I said Anthony Miller is I gave him his ESPN projection. Right. He's listening listening to it. And I said and we've got you projected for four touchdowns. This was like four touchdowns his seems low and like really goes for like two games in college. Like, I'm gonna it's like, I'll give me eight. And so I just thought by the way like. He is. And by the way, this wasn't. It wasn't said cocky, it wasn't said boastful. It was said of fact like I'm gonna score eight. Yep. Four only like and just like there was just a quiet confidence to him feel that. I was just so impressed with you know, you you interviewed over eighty rookies over the last two years, and so you get a sense of sort of you got sent to them yet. And boy, I liked Anthony Miller just as a person just talking to him. And just struck me as like just an impressive kid. How about this? Anthony Miller has four touchdowns through nine games. Here's how it goes in. He goes he goes back and forth. Touchdown touchdown. No touchdown touchdown. Every other Gordon. I believe I seen that. Yeah. So we scored touchdown last week which twenty bucks try scored another one this week quickly to put a couple more pass catchers on the radar Willie Snead for the ravens his percentage did not adjust. It all this past week because they were on a BI. But their schedule is the. The ultimate schedule going forward. Whether it's Lamar Jackson or Joe flacco, or I guess RG three ravens played five games against a bottom. Six pass defense this season. He's got double digit scoring in all but two games. Not a sexy waiver at he's got just one touchdown all year, but he played a deeper league act. You're planning a league attending league. You just need ten points from your by to fill in for the week Willy's needs to be on your radar and the last one here before we get to a few Twitter questions is Josh Reynold for the Rams who to Cooper Cup officially going to our because that ACL tear Reynolds figures to be the next man up in that offense, deeper Lee consideration I think there's going to be some weeks where he gets you ten to fifteen points, and there's going to be some weeks where yet you between three and five points because Brandin cooks Robert woods tug early are just that good. Yep. All right. So we got a couple of questions from Twitter before we say goodbye today's show, Keith I think you are as always emcee of such Matt. Here's correct. We got one from Joseph Sarney, he says he was offered Nick chub. And Jay green for devante Adams and Austin cler. He says I'm finit running back and have Phelan as my number one. Should he do it, Nick? Rob and AJ green. Yeah..

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