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Yeah that's all real and i said friday night he pitch and saturday night he was part of that sixteen inning game a n aegis completely dominated the yankees absolutely key those bleacher to it's come and they've been good recently use the hashtag blutrich tweets one last thing this data baseball history joe dimaggio's fifty six game hitting streak came to an end and 1941 and cleveland's municipal stadium in front of sixty seven thousand fans of course that is a record that a lot of folks in baseball don't think will ever be broken ted williams the last major league hitter to bad over four hundred 406 a and this is a cool interview that i found this morning conducted by another all famer jack book with joe dimaggio with ted williams give listen i look at the swing up the river jordan merger could william the thumbs where some finish wasn't like the third was i never thought i never thought better i ended at her and never saw better player uh all the respect i have the two willie mays who wanna the cooper super super player we have it on record joe ted williams linked through the greatest baseball per year vessel norms they have this mathematical governor raimondo raiders ever since the greatest punched in a lot of people fifty six consecutive games in hitting safely way back in nineteen forty one golden goal the month.

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