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Of entertainment and pop culture. Heard at the top of every hour on my talk One of 71. What have you learned over the weekend? Will Smith shared a photo of himself on social media claiming that he was in the worst shape of his life. Now you may have thought he was just trying to be relatable but hard. Oh, It's all part of a YouTube unscripted Syriza's that has just been announced today. YouTube announced an unscripted serious with Will Smith following his fitness journey. This project, called the best shape of My Life is going to premiere next year, and the six part fitness series will follow. Will Smith as he challenges himself to improve every aspect of his fitness with the help of guests, including pro athletes, scientists, experts and talk you two creators. Nothing is real and everyone's We've been trying to tell you Don't believe anything. Yeah, so we'll be able to watch out for us. That's true. Thank you. Thank you. Yeah. The red hot Chili Peppers are selling their song catalog to know sis songs for upwards of $140 Million hypnosis songs. It's a organization that buys music rights. Oh, so basically, they're selling out for about $150 million. Yeah, so they have songs that include under the bridge. Give it away. Dani, California knocked me down. The band has been around for almost 40 years they formed in 1982. Working on a new album, and they're just the latest act to be selling the rights to their music catalog for hundreds of millions of dollars. I mean, congrats to them. Yeah, you're now way richer. Yes, that is true. Well, your family for generations live off the interest. And finally, NBC is returning tonight Court. The network has handed out a former pilot order for a sequel that Starr's original star, John Larroquette, Toe and Melissa route from the Big Bang theory. I love this. I'm hoping this means that some streaming service will carry all the episodes of Night court because it is incredibly difficult to find nightmare. Fired. Let us hope that in the case, this is just a pilot order, so we don't know if we're actually going to get a series, but NBC's interested in it. Well, that's all the dirt this hour for more. Check out my talk. One of 71 dot commer download my talking up. It's his death kiss stuff. My talk dirt alerts at the top of every hour and at 8 2012 25 20 on my talk one of 71. When I'm meant to be like, See pin thank cocaine, so let's least integrated Girl upset brewing. Talking a chart showing your you coming? Suppose you you won't be pissing myself less likely should stay with good. No need to hide. Oh, man. Um, Did you see that coffee order that went viral yesterday? This is the Colleen and Bradley Show My talk one of 71 streaming live If I talk one of 71 dot com everything entertainment In Lindstrom Bradley trainer Well, hello on. Did you see that public ated Starbucks order,.

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