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Maybe people go back into the art. I feel like I mean that happens to me with podcast. I go through waves. I listened to those this ready to mingle parkas I listened to six episodes and then I got busy. So I didn't listen to for like three months and just cut up and listen to like five episodes in a row. So I think people go in wave sometimes because unless you know, unless you have the same exact routine every single week where you know that Thursday morning you're going to steal and you're going to listen to lessons once. But a lot of people's routine changes every week, so which never doing shout outs. I'm into just mackerel compliment that UK choke it twice with two podcasts that I- religiously listen to, and you know, I don't believe in anything. The only thing I believe in podcast. Have given us shoutouts. So my favorite podcast tea with Queen j.. Oh yeah. Gave us a huge shutout and was my favorite. My favorite was when they're like they're using the y passing Latin privilege for good thing and FOX with it. I'm like, yeah. I love them and I hope I can. I hope we can record an episode with them. I would love to interview them with Latinos who launched that would be so cool. So so Queen and Jay, we're going to be in New York in September dim, but I would love love love to interview both on the. Also the one of the latest episodes of grizzly KiKi guy? Yes. Oh my God, Daniel and Robert mentioned us. I mean, now that the whole episode is about us, but it inspired them to watch as. And then. And they didn't episode where they gave a nod to us, which was so sweet because I've been, I've been listening to their longtime because I remember when we first did our our panel at drag con last year, two years ago, whenever we I did it last year and Sasha velour was on our panel I needed if I needed to find information about her and Robert and Daniel of Risley's, grizzly KiKi like win and like did this really amazing interview with her? And that's like what? I got all my information from when I was talking to her. The one in every I remember from them as interview. This academe ick drag went from Chicago, which need to get a hold off and interview for the, oh, I know her. Oh shit. Yeah. I remember that episode with fucking amazing. Remember her name and go back to the. So Robert and Daniel Griswold KiKi. Let's KiKi girls do this and I really, and I really want us to do something drag on. I know you're not going to be able to make it to New York. Drag con. Maybe us three can do something. I'm gonna put it out into the universe and actually Email people that I know. Universes me, and I'm going to Email them and say, hey, let us do panel or get some press access or whatever it really well, I wanna get some press pass to interview people for the podcast. I think I can at least do that. And if not, girls, grizzly KiKi working the booth. Now I'm just getting let me work the booth with the. They usually help jubilee Kellyanne their friends with her. So did you have a bad? Yes. The last track on gigli. Gigli was like lounging on a bed that is so smart when they have a lounge, Asia had Shays lounge laid them with her. Cool. Anyway, those are my shout outs. Yeah. I mean, I could go on and on shots, but I wanna know more about your summer because I let me say this. You've been talking about this movie and this movie stress cover gyros for awhile. So seeing the pictures of your installation in Portland, fug Portland, Maine gave me life. So I want you to tell me a little bit more about that. Didn't have anything to do with it was the background? It wasn't. It wasn't now. That's what I thought it was because I give sending you messages like fog. This is so good. Yeah, it wasn't. It was for movies..

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