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Snoozing is a terrible idea. Either get up the first time or set your alarm for the time. You actually intend to get up. But one listener Carlo road into. Remind me that snooze button can actually be used for good as long as you're not using it to go back to sleep. Carlo for instance uses his snooze button to segment his morning activities in a more efficient way. He and his kids need to leave the house that certain time, so he segments the hour before they leave into six nine minutes segments with a little time change leftover. He uses one segment to get himself dressed. He uses another to help. The kids get dressed. He uses a segment to eat a quick assed. He's a segment to do some morning house chores and a segment to make lunches for everyone. Then the last segment is devoted to gathering everyone and everything together to get ready to go. This way he doesn't have to keep watching the clock, but he also knows quickly if the running behind and he can course correct before the morning goes off the rails. Carla. Snooze Button at work to when he's in a time crunch. I set up an alarm at a specific time. Say Four o'clock and use the snooze to plan two or three activity bursts. He says such as answering complicated email by the first news sending all his meeting invitations for the next day by the second snooze and planning the next morning tasks by the third snooze. As he reports this way I have finished several menial tasks and I can feel organized for what comes ahead. I think this is a great idea. Of course, if nine minutes doesn't work for, you feel free to set your phones timer for any other amount of time. Lots of people swear by the door technique where you set a timer for twenty five minutes focused on something intensely for that time and then take a break. You can set alarms for other things to. Say you're in a meeting and you know you need to leave on time, but you really want to focus on the other person. Instead of trying to sneak peeks at the clock here and there set an alarm for a few minutes before you need to go. The other person will hear the alarm to, and so it provides an opening to move things along and and things, but you can completely relax up until.

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