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I've been a Christian pretty much my whole life, and you know, have spent a lot of time reading the bible, but I don't really know the lot of the distinctions between the gospels themselves. Tell me why the book of Mark stands out from the other gospels to you. And why it was something you wanted to teach through. Well, I think because okay. Like when I was back at cornerstone, I had taught to Matthew, and Luke, and John and I never preached through Mark. So honestly that was intriguing to me. I I mean, some of it, you know, is no real spiritual thing, it was just for the sake of time. It was a shorter gospel that we could could make it through. But you know, there's there's something cool about tot through verse by verse through books of the bible. There's something also that's beneficial when you can fly through something because the flow of the book a little bit more easily. And that's what I liked about the series was okay? We only have a few hours that's fly through this book. And you get something that I think you don't as -sarily get when you go word for word over several years. Having not, you know, you mentioned when you're a cornerstone preaching through some of the other gospels. What surprised you when you were doing this deep dive into the book of Mark? Israel, change, everything because you could touch it. You can you can imagine you see people walking around, and you're you're looking at their life and kosh literally standing here. Like, what would I felt like being on the mount of olives? And you know, maybe standing there with plasmas who's been raised from the dead and you're heading in. And here's Jesus who has you've seen it walk on water. You know, what I'm I so chronologically we've gone through this. And I I'm experiencing on that boat. I'm experiencing amount of transfiguration now on the amount of lives. And and everyone's going nuts because here's the most powerful beings ever stepped foot on this earth right here, and you're about to walk in the city and takeover or so you'd think and then suddenly you realize oh my gosh. He's going to be tortured. And if I follow my mom going to be tortured. And you start to think what would Francis Chan have done at that moment. Would I have found him to the cross or word? I backed off in like this little Christianity. This is real ended gets and you just realize. Wow. What kind of best sage have? We been preaching in. Oh here in America. Has it has it been a true gospel, and his my mind warped just because of the world that I live in and how can I scape from it? So I don't think it was a different in teaching Luke or teaching Mark. It was more just a context of being in Israel and teaching one of the gospels..

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