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Talking about. Last night's Barry Bonds jersey retirement ceremony, in, San, Francisco And when Willie Mays stepped to the, microphone and said put this man in the hall, of fame it true a large applause from the fans who had gathered they'd come. To, the game really to watch the proceedings at AT, and, t., park look I think baseball All professional sports Are about the fans who, support the sport And so you've got to think about. What it means to the fans holding up the integrity of the game is it important matter The people that support Your game you're hall, of fame your museum The, national pastime Is important to them To keep Guys like Barry Bonds out of the hall of fame So when you're a hall of fame voter Do you feel like? You're doing what's right that you're holding up Your end of things are are you Are you? Doing what Are you doing what the people? Who support baseball one, and we've seen now There's polling data? That backs this up That baseball fans What Barry Bonds in the hall of fame The polls that have been, done on this in the last few years Bonds wins and gets like seventy to eighty percent of the vote So the fans most of them not all of them but most of them No longer, have a real problem, with what bonds did So if fans don't look at steroids as an end all be all One of those things that if you do, it you're done You're thrown out of, the game If fans, don't look at it that way why should the writers Why should the writer's? Uphold this integrity clause Bonds in, this last round of hall of fame. Voting got. Fifty six percent of the vote excuse me. He needs to get up to. Seventy five so he's got four years left He's got to pick up another other nineteen percent of the voters and, he was only up three percent from last year that's not a big enough job he's going to, need, a real strong campaign and a groundswell. Of support. In the next few years or it's going. To be left to veterans committee And eventually if the committee that votes on him Is made up of his peers guys. That played with him guys who played. Against him I think they'll absolutely, vote them in if. The writers don't do it it'll take more time but I, think those that played with him in, against him what's. It becomes, their call will say wait a minute He was the best hitter that I, ever saw he was the best hitter, I pitched to He was the best. Home run hitter And I think that like the same committee, that put Alan Trammell and Jack Morrison Tried to make up for, a wrong I think I think they'll do the, same thing, for Barry Bonds. Someday but it might be ten years down the road fifteen years twenty years maybe But, he'll get there And I just don't have as big of a problem with what bonds did because I'm of the belief that it was widespread in the sport and maybe you. Feel the same way we'll get your thoughts, in,.

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