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Dolly part and you get up in my book for. I am Sophomore love Fort bragg north carolina. Marion indiana on san ramon. California leah florida. Sugarhill georgia. he's road door. The grayson your ashburn. Ashburn georgia saginaw michigan. Saint matthews tacky gaithersburg maryland. Irvine kentucky morales mexico in mexico. I ain't playing. I'm method it all the way up. I'm elliot gardens georgia florida hallier. Gardens florida Jupiter florida the place we using an eastern pennsylvania. Thank you i love you. Guys guys are the best and i got more loving so long excited about again. Thank you guys. Thank you for showing up. I'm not sure how another video real quick And then i'm giving into this love because we done on a story for tonight. Like i gotta show all my love though so we're gonna play a video by crystal shown dope as singer. She does this out. The crystal and the song is called haven Do you look al. Chris will be singer high off. Your i can appreciate a good thing hand. I can appreciate somebody who's humbled so shot out the Iran like music is though i. I've heard many songs by her. That's the one that i get to show on. But i can't wait till she gets the more michelle's the more loud because i got my love before the show is over. We might run over little bit because the dolinsky getting long longer. But i love my audience. And i'm going show back to them. So shout out kentucky on florence kentucky might in massachusetts chesapeake virginia Birmingham alabama day. Ville wisconsin late lakeside. Florida piss gnome massachusetts. Bill massachusetts partic- new york new york way the country through Reynoldsburg ohio aarp Our taxes. I don't know if i'm saying that right. Been oregon lake jackson texas Soccer georgia norfolk virginia. Hong kong central and western Decatur alabama reading pennsylvania olive branch mississippi springville pennsylvania and eliza Taylor arizona.

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