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He's not. He's not a stud like Corbyn Burns. But it's pretty very well. I would take the Reds and a dog. Yeah. Dodgers Padres tomorrow There is no line right now. Areas is pitching for the Dodgers coming off the injured list undecided for the Padres. I almost don't think it matters. I think you take the Dodgers and you almost taking on their online. Yeah. I mean, it's because the Padres have just been that bad lately, but even a run line might be a minus 1 40. Even even still, it's well almost well worth it. Yeah, although I heard someone on the radio talking about it yesterday, said one thing you should always do in baseball. You look for the reverse run line, so teams getting 1.5. And if they're still positive, take the take the team that's positive, getting 1.5. Do you think of that? So there are plus 1 10 getting what they're getting 1.5 automatically take it. Uh, no. I don't. I don't like doing this because you're you're trying to out think it And the next thing you know you're losing, like quiet. I do that. Yeah. Yeah, So it's no taking the pirates against the Giants. What the hell was I thinking, Uh, Mariners and A's Is it? It's Chris Flexing and coal. Irvine the HR minus 1 51 and take the ace. By the way, That's the only game going on. Right now. It is the the Royals finished off the Astros 7 to 1. It is 3 to 2. He's in the top of it, of course, because I had the Astros Course you did Saturday. Uh, Angels and Orioles. Speaking of too bad teams, Dylan Bundy and Spencer Watkins. Every game is almost to the point where every game you can take the team against the Orioles on the run line. That's how bad the Orioles are right now. Except for When I bet the Angels Although And I love doing this Dylan Bundy for Memorial When a guy goes back and faces his former team, That's why I bet it worked Madison Bumgarner against the Giants for the same reason. I like Dylan Bundy tomorrow again to the Orioles. No, I'll take the Orioles. Because every time I bet the Angels Fairness, white socks and Blue Jays. Dylan ceased and Jose Berrios burials in the Jays. AR minus 1 22. I'll take the one I got No. So I'm gonna take the White Sox plus money. White Sox. One of the best teams in baseball is sort of like the giant you're getting plus money. You gotta take it. I can get a plus on the run line with the Blue Jays and the Blue. I like the Blue Jays bats. I I still don't trust the White House pitching. Fair enough. I like to fight tax Best Interested Project Minnesota and Boston Griffin. Jack Tanner Hawk 10 to minus 2 35. No, there's no value. There is nothing to bet. Texas and Cleveland. Speaking too bad Deems. Taylor Hearn, Eli Morgan, Eli Morgan in the image of minus 1 60 bad teams. Kansas City in Houston. Brady singer and Luis Garcia. Luis Garcia is a minus 2 22, You know, you know, the Astros will win tomorrow. No, that's what I said last week. No one tomorrow They lost the first game, so they're gonna win tomorrow. They lost. The second was Oh, they're gonna win the third game. They lost. 30 was a four game set and finally got him right in the fourth game. You're gonna bet the Royals tomorrow and actually donate one? Yeah, I know. I absolutely no I will tell everyone to bet the Astros but I'm gonna bet the royal demo. I'm telling you Now, I will take the Royals tomorrow is exactly what's going to happen. Okay, Here's a couple interesting interleague games, too interesting ones. And then a third one That can only be interesting to Chris Win. Uh, Tampa Bay, and the Phillies Drew Rasmus and Rangers wore ESD Rasmus and and and the razor only a minus 1 13. I You can get the raise on the run line. I take them. Yeah, I agree. I completely agree. I'm not sold on the Phillies at all. They just won three out of four from a bad pod raised him and they got lucky to do so. Yankees and the Braves tomorrow. Andrew Heaney and Charlie Morton, Charlie Morton's of minus 1 51. The Yankees extend that streak to 11. I mean, you have to write them if they can. I mean, until they lose. I'm not betting Andrew Heaney. I will not do that. I will not back and back Andrew Heaney. I will take Charlie Morton all day tomorrow. I'll even take the Braves on the run line them. I mean, if you're betting and teams teams, Roland You keep going with them until they lose. I understand that, but they won 10 straight. They're about to lose tomorrow. The streak ends here. All right. And the final game. This one's for you, Chris Win. Detroit and the Cardinals. Casey Mayes and Jack Flaherty. Jack varies a minus two. Oh, eight. I'll take Detroit all day with Casey Mice. Bad teams I know, but it hats off by the way to Mickey Comm. Brera 500 home runs this best weekend about him and album Phos. The old men getting it done this year. I would I would have liked to see him. Moved to a team that content and you, Maggie? Yeah. I would have liked to see that my imagination and I'm not trying to insult him. But he gets he goes, seem to get old really fast. Some guys don't age fast, like alcohols didn't age fast You saw gradually happening. Mickey got really old really fast. It was just like four years ago here, the Triple Crown. It was like, I don't know if he wants I'll fight. Hockey. I got old between around four around six. Oh, man. It was like he was like, Whoa. He's done his career He's done. Oh, absolutely. I mean, it was one of those where he was good. Like the first couple rounds. I'm like I just lost some money. And then around four kind of slow down a little bit around five feel like Wow. Backyard needs a nap. And then round six. That was a rap, you know. In the last two minutes. This Saturday Summer slam right here in Las Vegas. Brock Lesner, making a huge return the W W E now Excited about black that the prospect of Lesner Roman reigns. My w W e went away with when I'm They started banning stuff. When when Manning moves? Yeah. When guys started leaving, I was just like I can't watch this anymore. I get that. I mean, I understand why I couldn't watch when they stop doing chair shots to the head. There's only so many times I can see Mick Foley get hit in the head with folding chairs outstanding. When, when? When? The best guy your roster. I can't think of his name now. Uh, But it was it was like this is the best gone around. This is the guy that promote. I can't do it like When Deng and I know people love Daniel Bryan. I'm just like I can't back. I can't be watching Daniel. But the problem now is a W was taking everybody because obviously CM punk made a huge debut on Friday. Daniel Bryan is going to be debut in their suit and rumor has it break wire designing there now? The new rumors Adam Cole, whose last night in W W may have been last night. It's not gonna be signing any W as well. Tony Kahn shot con son owners. He's got deep pockets A W a hell lot better than the Jacksonville Jaguars. That's for damn sure they got more stars got more talent, no roster, but it's good news is it's hard to lose money. Betting on a W A lot easier to lose money on the Jaguar is like a lot of people did today if you took the scenes minus four Well, that's going to wrap up another fish and chips. Just remember, today we learned Oregon Auburn. That's the bed of the bed of the year Now. Great. Not everybody. Follow me on Twitter at the 1969 at Bernard Barnes 13 Take it easy. From sunrise to Whitney Ranch and covering the world. 1015 FM 7:20 a.m. k dot but top with no fees or minimums on checking and savings accounts, banking with capital One is like the.

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