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Where things have gotten really weird yeah it almost seems like every day you don't know what to expect so we're going to try and help get you through it I'm Charles Feldman and I'm Mike Simpson and where the host of a new podcast coronavirus daily we bring in some of the topics were all around the world to ask the questions you have because we are all in this together and you know what we are all going to survive this together against rotavirus daily Honda radio dot com app and apple podcasts Google podcasts and stitcher well some Facebook employees have taken to Twitter to slam their CEO mark Zuckerberg for not clamping down on president trump's inflammatory comments about the protests Twitter attached a warning to the president's suite that says when the lootings starts the shooting starts Dr Berg said he found that message deeply offensive but decided it did not violate Facebook's policy against incitement to violence one Facebook director tweeted mark is wrong and I will endeavor in the loudest possible way to change his mind the music industry is planning to turn off the music tomorrow and reflect on the killings of George Floyd and other black people several top record labels are organizing a blackout Tuesday companies like live nation and tick tock as well as the recording academy say they plan to support and stand with the black community W. CBS news time is seven fifty three how.

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