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Your videos are shot from the ito on a conference room flow floor with a small speaker like no way in the front. And you're behind all these people and they're talking with bad audio and nobody wants to watch for twenty to thirty minutes. Mike theory on most conference videos ninety nine point nine percent of conference videos is that the people even the people who were in them. Don't wanna watch them. And i think that. I i wanna move on to my other. My other tips. Because they sort of incorporate my answers here so number two viewers will stop watching every video right after it stops being valuable to them. What do you think. I mean absolutely and i think where it gets difficult for brands is to define what that moment is. Because i think it's very human nature to not want to end seems to abruptly so i have to say the biggest mistake i see you know businesses making and frankly this is true for any creator is rambling at the end of their videos. So dane how do you usually define how they figure out what the point is. We're seeing stopping valuable some ending and and this is i have a video of ending words and the reason i created this ending words list. That people should not say in a video is because you and an a an a an a small group of other people at at bitcon two years ago. We're talking about not saying ending words. And i was like well. That's fine. what what. What isn't ending word. And so you had to explain to me personally. Because i didn't really know what you were talking about. And then i made a list following up on that and what. I was hearing elsewhere. Things that gives you the clue that things are going in and when you have done that no that's one way of knowing that it's no longer valuable so over her. Yeah literally so. Thanks for watching..

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