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Wish you guys. We're seeing all your favorite guys right now. First of all pure rim rest the hell is then break from anal sex. I understand what that phrases. I mean dan. Now that you're a big businessman of your own. Do you have any more sympathy for the nba. Pushing their employees to the breaking point does it relentless pursuit of profit at the expense of human wellbeing. Make more sense to you now that you're rolling in in draftkings cash at least theoretically. I haven't been naive about these things historically but even i have been surprised at the way. The corporate greed has turned these bodies into disposable things that can be thrown into a meat grinder because it has soiled these. Nba playoffs for me. The obvious way that the bodies have been broken by the need to satisfy the television contracts. It's distorted the product the measurement and the champion for me. I'm surprised to say that. Actually folks can't see this because it's a podcast but the whole time dan wearing a top hat and has a monocle and he's not even sitting on a chair he's sitting on the stack of human beings. There's got pound up there. His crew and dan. It's not like these injuries are coming out of nowhere. I mean most of these guys who are heard guys a long history of injuries carry ad. In why i mean maybe it's simply that if these guys spend enough time in the playoffs together their injuries sync up. Like thermo like menstrual cycle. Maybe that's it like a menstrual cycle. Yeah like you know how. We'll get on the same cycle if they're around each other because they're pheromones ramones kick in and all of a sudden you know the kind of going at the same time. Maybe that's what's going on with these. nba injuries. You want to attack the menstrual cycle. I really don't know out to. We are shocked. That corporations jim Don't care about people and only wanna make money. I am shocked. That were shocked by that to be honest with you and the guy. I'm tired of seeing late in. The postseason is lebron. I mean i'm. I'm perfectly fine without these playoffs. Played out kevin durant. I have a new found respect for him. Because he's trotting around with jeff green and and blake griffin and so on perfectly fine like devon booker verse janas in the nba finals to me. That's fantastic totally agree. I'm disappointed in the injuries. I agree with you about the corporate greed. But i can't deny that there's a part of me. That's a little glad we're not going to see the nets in the finals. I mean 'cause that team when healthy was just so undeniably the super the super teams then winning a championship. That just would have been boring. And we like watching. Floyd mayweather beat up on rogan paul. All over again all right before you guys go gotta end the podcast like we always do a little game and the game we're gonna play. Today is directed. Ran stu gods and it's actually inspired by a moment from your podcast. she do. we have this clip. let's play the clip. The best graduating senior is the valedictorian v v. Why is that how you spell it starts with two v.'s. Silent be at the beginning. Oh is that what it. Yeah course everyone knows. What do you mean the v. valedictorian thinks valid vic. They won first place victoria. I spent my whole life in that. So stu gods you believe that. The word for valedictorian was actually valid. Victorian it's a term apparently so familiar with and we're so integrated into your daily vocabulary you needed to shorten it with a v. Said oh avi now stugatz. You're clearly very learned man. I mean it can't be that you're just some kind of blithering blathering idiot. Your mind must have been elsewhere. Specifically the victorian era. I mean that must have been what you were thinking about. So i'm gonna give you a chance to redeem yourself here with this little game which. We call valid victorian okay. That's the game. She is going to name famous historical figures and you will tell us if they were alive. During the victorian era or not in other words are they valid. Victorians or invalid victoria. Are you ready. I am ready all right. What is our first victoria. Oscar wilde oscar wilde the big. Oh to you. Yeah friends to say Valid victorian your rights. To god's he was alive in the victorian era boy. You are you big oscar wilde fan so i want to start you off easy. You do know who he is right on kidding aside. Are you picturing him. Living in a trash can talk and a big bird. You're not doing that as some follow up questions. Let's see if he knows who oscar while. I'm imagining him. Averaging a triple double for season that he's not oscar robertson. That's that's the big. Oh do you know. Oscar wilde is and what did he do what he famous for sculptor. Oh my goodness my goodness should've left it at him. Getting the answer right no. He was He was wonderful. Author and poet playwright. One of the wittiest men ever knew he was this. Do god's in the victorian era all right and number two victorian number two guy fawkes guy. Fawkes oxy boxy. I'm going to say Non valid victorian invalid or invalid of that we understand mustard gas which is part of what's concerning me now on our know what you're talking about through per se. I am with my dad. Just kind of blatter's. I understand what he means. You're right though. He was an invalid. Victorian he died in sixteen o six He was part of the failed. Gunpowder plot to blow up parliament. And i'm surprised you knew him. He didn't come through in the clutch. He's not a stugatz. Kinda guy you guys are gonna do it when it counts. Got guy fawkes. One of history's greatest chokers. I'm stunned. that. Stu gods his two for two right now. On the victorian age while thinking oscar wilde as a scope. i'm trying to figure out if his pauses are him texting or googling. Oh you're not cheating. He's counting his money. He's been doing this since we left. Espn every time you're not paying attention is because he's counting his money or checking his bank. I like my money organized. It has to be in a certain way. You know big bills the small bills stuff like that so now i i'm not trying to be rude. I am counting money and i'm to for to. He's also getting paid where you're not dan levitan. I don't understand what's going on over there right. Victorian number three charles dickens charles dickens nikki ticky we got foxy ago. They go and dickie earls dickens one of the all time greats boy i'm gonna say Dick ins is a valid victorian. I'm almost annoyed that you're right. You know what he did right. Do you know what it did you. Have you heard a charles dickens. My goodness what do you think charles. Dickens was famous for dickey as charles And he was not the round mound of rebound you can eliminate that i think was of me Poet maybe perhaps losing faith in humanity as i listen to gods You know well. He wrote he hilo books. perhaps the greatest novelist ever one of his great novels was great expectations. Mr dance something. I boy did not have going into this game with you. And i was right with no. You weren't right. He has exceeded every single expectation. He's got an everything right thousand while not knowing any of the people. You're talking about or anything about the victorian age much like jeff zucker at cnn. He has failed upwards each time. Let's go to victorian number four by picking a lot of people. This podcast victoria number four. This should be good okay. Florence nightingale florence nightingale.

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