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Internally and externally about the platform restricting access to the article. He also included screenshots of email requests from unknown people in the Biden administration, asking contacts within Twitter to take action against various tweets. The original 2020 New York Post story detailed contents of the laptop that belonged to President Biden's son and was left at a computer repair shop. Some believe Republicans could have used that info against Biden in the weeks before the presidential election. Researchers at the university of Houston are showing off what they call a fentanyl vaccine. Doctor Colin Hale explains how it works. You get our vaccine. He developed antibodies against fentanyl. These antibodies bind to fentanyl if it is consumed and prevent it from getting into the brain. Hail says that will prevent any feeling of euphoria from the drug in addition to preventing reactions that could cause death. Hail says the best candidates for the vaccine are those who may be susceptible to relapsing after addiction, or those who may accidentally come in contact with the drug like law enforcement officials. The research team expects it will be three years before the drug is approved for use. Florida lawmakers are reportedly planning to let Disney World govern itself again. The Florida legislature voted in April to dissolve Disney's 55 year old status as a self governing entity this after former CEO bob chapek opposed a new state law that limited the teaching of LGBTQ issues. Financial Times says state lawmakers are now working on a compromise that would allow Disney to keep the old arrangement in place with a few modifications. The report says the return of bob Iger is Disney's CEO may help pave the way for a resolution. I'm Tammy trejo. A new survey says twice as many men own a gun as compared to women. Michael casner has that story. The poll from Gallup found 43% of men own a weapon while just 22% of women can say the same thing. There's also a gap in how the gingers view the nation's gun laws, 62% of women believe laws should be toughened. Just 51% of men believe that to be true. I'm Michael kassner. Prosecutors and the Trump organization's tax fraud trial say the company benefited heavily from its scheme, enclosing arguments, prosecuting attorney Joshua steinle, said the company paying executives off the books for 15 years helped it keep salaries down and reduce payroll taxes. He argued the Trump organization also used the scheme to move tax deductions to other Trump entities, like Trump's Mar-a-Lago property in Florida. A 15 year old subway surfer is dead after falling off a train in Brooklyn. Lisa G has that story. Officials say the boy fell off a J train as it approached the Marcy avenue station around 11 a.m.. He died instantly when striking the electrified third rail. Subway service in the area was disrupted for hours and hundreds of people had to be taken off the train involved at the time. Authorities say subway surfing is a dangerous trend that is escalating. Lisa G NBC News radio, New York. A drop in people's alertness about COVID could lead to a new deadly variant of it forming. The World Health Organization's leaders say the globe is close to the emergency phase of the pandemic being over, but it isn't just there yet. Countries of an easing restrictions for the virus as the peak of the pandemic fades. A meteor making its way through the sky over night passed right over Pittsburgh. It also streaked its way through West Virginia, South Carolina, New York, Ohio in Kentucky. The American meteor society says more than 600 people reported seeing the meteor. Videos of the sighting have also been making their way around social media. I'm Tammy trujillo. Now this Bloomberg sports update, the Texas Rangers making a big splash and Major League Baseball free agency taking arguably the top pitcher off the board. The team signed former mets ace Jacob de Grom to a 5 year deal worth $185 million to Grom is a four time all star and two time Cy Young award winner widely regarded as one of the best pitchers in baseball. In the NHL, the New York rangers now losers of four of their last 5 games, dropping the second of a home and home series against Ottawa at the garden three to two and overtime. Brady kuchuk skull with 49 seconds left in regulation, tying the game and kuchak skull with 18 seconds left in overtime, gave Ottawa the victory. The tali crop saw the meek as a banish ad, the ranger gold scorers. The islanders fall to the Nashville predators at UBS arena four to one, the predators have now won three in a row, picking up their second victory in as many nights in the tri state area after beating the Devils and overtime Thursday night. Matthew barzel alone islanders gold scorer, and the National Basketball Association, the Brooklyn Nets when their fourth in a row, as they defeated the Toronto Raptors of the Barclays center, one 14 to one O 5. Monet's now 13 and 11 on the season, Kyrie Irving led the nets with 27, Kevin Durant and Joe Harris with 17 points apiece. The U.S. men's national soccer team set to face the Netherlands in the knockout round of the 2022 World Cup later this morning in Qatar at ten. The Dutch taking part in its 11th World Cup, and they have reached the knockout stage for the 9th consecutive time. The U.S. has played the Netherlands 5 times over the years, but this will be the first competitive meeting between the two countries. The Americans are one four and O and the previous 5 games against the Netherlands, Christian Pulisic likely to play after he sustained a pelvic contusion with a Bloomberg sports update, I'm Tom Rogers

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