Mr. Parrish, Mr. Zilenski, Joan discussed on BBC World Service


Completely left field in terms of comedian with no blitz because they're so fed up that the system hasn't changed? But it must be Joan of really difficult for people. Battling against Mr. Zilenski in the more traditional politicians. It must be really hard to campaign against that sort of momentum that he's had it is hot. And as we've seen elections very around the world. It's very hard to be the the stability the continuity candidate to go out and convince people that what you've been doing for the last five years has it been making progress. So when you have someone coming forward not putting a specific platform out there and simply saying, we're ready for something new. We're ready for something different. I'm going to do the right thing. You can trust me. Well, what do you say to that? Specifically when you have a candidate who's not willing to put himself up to kind of scrutiny. He's not debated with with Mr. Parrish. He really hasn't engaged with difficult questions on TV channels either. But if if you watched the show, I mean, if he says, he's got the same values as the monkeys impersonating on television has that person come out with any views on for example, inequality economic inequality improving education. Can we get any kind of clues from the script to the show? Well, we've we're now into series three of the show and very conveniently. It started broadcasting on Wednesday of this week. Gasp electoral regulations, but the first program was on Wednesday night. I have to be said that through the progression.

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