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Of thing. So I don't. I don't feel be if it would be. I guess it'd be worth a try. I mean couldn't hurt I guess. Maybe in. The agricultural settings where it's a bit more wide open. Where they can see it because I if you're also buried in the bush. They're going to have to be right on top. Right unless you're printing a laker meadow something here in Saskatoon, a lot of people hunt a tree stands because they only have a parcel land that they can aunt, and so they'll put up. Trees stand on a on a well used trail I mean. I you know. I I would say that assault, neck or something, or or a wallow a would be probably more beneficial for you, but I mean it certainly couldn't hurt you know one of the things that I get I get asked about that just came to. My mind is a lot of people. Ask me about cow, hunting and one thing that. I can say. Is, if. You're gonNA hunt for cows. The beauty thing with causses you, you can actually cal. You can call cows in with the CAL like it's pretty cool if you can master the cow, bleed. there's a great video on on Youtube somewhere where we're made me a believer in the in the cow bleeds was. There is a guy that was cal calling and Bugling, and they're like Colorado or something like that, and there is a huge heard Alco in the field in those big open plains, and they weren't reacting at all, but then he went to like you know kind of like job leads and. The heard came and came within range to. Hurt like totally made me a leader, because seemed like that the they made that calf in distress, cal haver they did it and every Elkin at her were within bowl range. At some point, it was and so I mean I wish I could remember what the video is called, but I'm sure if person Google it just it would make a believer out here with. It yeah. Costa calling in and. People are really reserve really hesitant to learn to call with a mouth read especially. And that gets that all that is is a stigma that people have when it comes because they're embarrassed to learn to call I, think back to two way back in nineteen ninety in that very first couple L. Consoles on. It wasn't for Lonnie trying to teach me, but I remember I was sitting on the end of that Christie Lake at the end of the dock, and I was using one of these calls, and I was sounding so hord that the Chemo said she's going to push me in lake. But What I tell people to do is is to just practice with it. Practice with practice with it because. When you first put one of these in the Mo- in your mouth. You're probably going to have a gag reflex, and and that's why most people, but but more than the gag reflex people are embarrassed. What other people think and I can go in. I can go into CABELA's or hunting store in rip open a package that I just bought a blow it in front of everybody, because I'm confident in that, but what I tell people is you just gotTa do it

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