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One game to complete three passes of at least 15 yards downfield. There was this inside the tunnel lobby. Got it for a score. So love a runs under a deep ball and hauls in a touchdown pass from Justin Fields. That was late third quarter to make it 42 21. Then early fourth quarter fields is gonna pull the trigger sends airmail deep down the middle of field for Williams Touchdown, Jamison Williams down the middle of the field. Those two passes 56 yards 45 yards, respectively, for scores that made it 49 21 is now 49 28 over claims in under 10 Minutes to go The call from Paul Keels on Lear Lear Field. I am G college number one Alabama wanted semifinal dominating Notre Dame 31 14 Mack Jones four touchdown passes 32 Devante Smith. In Atlanta, Georgia EDGE Cincinnati 24 21 kicking the late 53 yard field goal Northwestern when it's full game over Auburn 35 19 quarterback Peyton Ramsey with four total touchdowns, BYU quarterback Zach Wilson declared for the NFL draft. The Big NFL News today. Saints running back Alvin Camaro was placed on the covert lift. He tested positive Eagles running back Mile Sanders out this weekend with a bad knee. No top 25 games in college basketball in the NBA, A Utah has beaten the Clippers 106 100, the Lakers won in a tight one at San Antonio 109103, Anthony Davis 34 points, Atlanta and Detroit each with victories. Okay, Now it's 9 49 to go in the game. Six whole seconds have ticked off the clock. So I have stayed still 49 28 back to you. Thanks a lot. Steve and Clemson Tigers will get the football back after 1/4 down hold. I don't know why Justin feels just the through into triple coverage. I was just, You know, Chris, I'm not kidding around. I was gonna say if they come back, and it comes with this game, That's the play that got him to win this game. Why you threw into triple coverage when you had a guy underneath the first down to keep the drive going to take another 234 minutes off the clock. I have no idea. That was a massive mistake. Well, I think we still have a long ways to go before we would have the play that changes the whole game with you. I thought that was pretty good analysis there and that would've been It would've been good. If you would've asked me to do the Oklahoma game with you like you did very good on the play By play, you would have been better. I've been next to you, but that's okay. I don't know. I had a guy who won the Bronco Nagurski Award and Butt Kiss Award and played in the NFL on is one of my better friends, and he's done it for nine years, but sure I'll have you slide in there. So you try to fire a coach. Whenever he doesn't get a first down. I'm sure that would go well for me. We're good. We're listening to you, but I was like, Oh, my goodness that plague He's pretty good, like a well we'll slow down. He made about 20 I go. He's made about 20 mistakes of that white car, but otherwise he's okay. He's okay. I called the wrong guy picking off a pass. And one time we started to drive on the 20 instead of the 25. So I'm letting those two things eat away at me. As a matter of fact, I tell you what, the binoculars to all their well, I needed the binoculars because this is such a nit picky First world kind of a problem. But the Jumbotron at Jerry World is like a split second behind what's actually happening. So you're watching the big screen and the things happening, Dad a place happening down in the field. You like guys, I gotta focus on the field and I think I realized I'm half blind, too, while doing that which won't go over. Well, if I have a future to play by play guy, but Anyway. Here we are right And what's my payday? I get to hang out with you filling in for Jason Smith and my Carmen here on Fox Sports Radio. All right, 49 28. Ohio State leads Clemson with 9 39 to go in the game. Clemson has a football back Arnie while we watched the second or exceed the fourth quarter of this game, play out. Take me through. In your opinion, just how dominating and impressed you were or not impressed with what Alabama did today. Can you be not impressed with that victory, and I'm not just talking about there was a back door cover and all that stuff. And as I'm saying that I think that this game is now going to be over the Trevor Laurence Just fumble against. I'm sorry. I got distracted there. I wasn't really all I'd probably give them like a B or B minus. I don't know why I know they were 35 7. But no today made that one drive that took off like a quarter and a half or something like that. It was like the longest drive ever, and it just seems like Alabama could have made it a lot worse if they wanted to. Backdoor covers, so maybe people will get the final score. But I mean, overall was game they just one and to move on one of those survive in advance, and that's what they got. They were the better team out there anyway. So you're right. Only fumble ball on the turf battle for it, but he got it back. I thought he flips and got it back. Man. Zero for Ohio State 11 for Ohio State are making themselves some money here tonight. They have lived in the backfield for Clemson, so Clemson will hold Lot of the football here. Every time we try toe to Segway to talk a little bit about Notre Dame in Alabama. Something happens in this game back. Jones is pretty good. A couple of big plays. It helped open things up, including this touchdown to Devante Smith, who, by the way, Devante Smith did get dinged up in the game, but it looks like he should be okay. Moving forward for Alabama. The national championship situation rolls right influence. It is calm touched down at the goal line by development. Smith Mac is fine, but Monday's fine. Everything is fine if you love crimson, seven yard touchdown back to Devante Smith. Yep. And then the final call on the Alabama.

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