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To sixteen is the final four wrath he actually missed an extra point doku only about that put four for four on field goal attempts they including it fifty one yard or for him women easier for us to give the negative game balls beshir themes right a couple of areas plays in dollars for the browns missed an extra point in a field goal travis benjamin has a safety live safety on a play where bubble the ball first and then next thing you know it's goes backwards backwards backwards and tackled in the end zone yeah tell us reports mundigo on pro football talk and it's good launching point for conversation basically i hear the report the headline is talk of a possible t y hilton trade intensifies and according to a might florio pro football talk multiple sources have now told pfd of the coulter willing to move hilton however the colts simply will give them away moreover hilton will be inclined to negotiate renegotiated the peace him base salary eight million this year left million next year and thirteen million in two thousand nineteen and he also prefers to stay in indianapolis if you're the colts doesn't make any sense to shop dui hilton um i'm trying to think at this point i don't know i don't i don't know what the allied this stuff depends on what the feel is in a locker room and add as those that don't have right i can see where a kind of makes sense but then you look at it and it's like well that's kind of your only playmaker i think is this is arts year the colts in fans basically the the reason why you would trade t y halted is this you a of because you feel like he's not going to be a factor for you at the wherever as you know the age in which he will be a factor for you i'm sorry when you feel like you're ready to compete t y hilton will be capable beat a factor for you um t.

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