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Plan we're gonna talk to Melinda joy here in a second she has a show on Saturdays now will tell talk about that her show her background what are shows about we will well we're gonna we have some really cool audio from a Paul Levin and will kind of get to the to the moon landing today as we have been all week highlighting the Paul Levin because I really really important piece of planetary history and so we got some cool audio for that and of course moon songs all day today Paul gives than with the founders along with his wife rock fan of retek or tomography Paul beer two o'clock talk about politics and legislation and bills and you have a question for Paul as well right sure I'll figure something out thank you and then Laura mon mon Toyota will be here two o'clock she is running for Congress against Valerie Plame and Terry selector Fernandes cry and Joseph Sanchez in like eleven other people I did a lot of I know it's a crowded field she is he currently the county clerk instead of all county this district goes all the way down to Rio Rancho so she'll be here at three o'clock and she'll tell us why we should vote for her to be our next congressperson from or northern New Mexico that's the line up today if you're running for office as I say a hundred times a day going to be on the show email me won't cost you a penny doesn't matter what office you're running for I don't care what party I'd love to get some Republicans on email me Richard is Santa Fe Dhaka if you have any special facts about the Apollo eleven mission just Colin that's right they'll be great I'd be great or memories of the of the those days landing or yeah or be great we'd love to hear from you Allen at forty four twelve sixty yeah you can do that we don't have anything to give away today we've given away everything we hand right happily I think we have until next week we have stuff for next week but today we are a priceless it's a mystery for next week so tune in next week to see what those are all right let's talk to Melinda joy Hey Melinda how are you hello you terrific say hi to co host or Coleman yeah hello I'm good how are you thank you all right you have any radio show tomorrow five o'clock will be the your second show my second show was about it this show is about everything to do with mental health what is your back everything it's true yeah everything stems from either a poor mental health or or good mental health yeah yeah question what is your background I am a psychotherapist and private practice in Santa Fe so that means that I am a licensed mental health counselor L. in eight he and so I I see people in my office you have one and I do okay I do have clients yes yes my concern and what prompted me to be able to do the show that people are having difficulty getting the therapeutic support that they need and it's not just in Santa Fe it's all over New Mexico it's all over the country and so I decided that we needed to be having a really public conversation about that and since everything has to do with mental health we're talking about everything last week my show up my guest was the professional trainer of therapy dogs and support animals and tomorrow will be having a lovely conversation with the guy he's been living with spinal injury for ten years and have quite a journey while yeah so is the Melinda joy our Saturdays at five o'clock right here in this radio station so in in your practice Melinda do you specialize in certain times or age groups or genders or are you just general general mental health practitioner I am in the largest the aspect of it I am very general I will work with couples families individuals will work with any age or gender I have special experience in addiction as well as issues of aging and certainly the you know ever prevalent depression anxiety those kinds of things so you were going to I would imagine every week it's going to be kind of look at either different individuals and their issues are different segments of the population how you gonna how you going to approach this moment and I'm not going to be trying to do therapy on this show however I'm Michael for the show is to educate people to broaden their minds waste their consciousness level we will talk about we will talk about political issues regarding mental health policy we will talk to policy makers will tax practitioners of different modalities and we'll talk to people who are willing to tell their stories cool yeah yeah you always have to talk about social issues in terms of politics right because of the funding and kind of the the desire the wheel to do to deal with this or just ignoring we can't ignore it any longer spoke of addiction issues and of course that touches the heart of a lot of people to end and social issues as well and a lot of heartbreak for a lot of families so many and there's so much trauma and grief which I've also have experience working with just for example the tragedy that happened in Santa Fe last week with the killing of the young couple horrific yeah people I am I am from the school of thought that believes everybody needs Serra therapeutic support and if you're not going through something right at this minute then then doing in our work will equip you for things that come along so that's sort of my a prevailing thought but certainly people are there's people in crisis who are just in desperate need of therapeutic support and not being able to get it for whatever reason there's a lot of reasons that the whole conversation right there where can people find you online or can people email you if they'd like to be on the show or have ideas spots about topics on the show both of those things are true they can stream me at Santa Fe dot com at the time five o'clock on Saturdays mountain time or after the fact they can get it a podcast and they can email me.

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