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And listen to. Man is about the yeah. Let's everybody listens. The usa radio network presents the greatest radio programs of all time. The cbs radio workshop dedicated to man's immagination. The theater of the mind this is classic radio theatre want to get away from it all the fbi in peace and war. Mcgee the unexpected. The unexpected the unexpected. Now here's your host. Why tops grand. The first lady of suspense agnes moorehead in an episode of the program from sixty four years ago. June thirtieth nineteen fifty seven the yellow wallpaper. And we thank you for tuning in on this wednesday hump day. Thirtieth day of june one hundred eighty first day up twenty twenty one hundred eighty four days until we get twenty twenty. Two french acrobat. Charles blondin walked across niagara falls on a tight rope on this date in eighteen. Fifty nine also went by the name. John francois grabbed a powerful natural explosion from an unknown cause. Rock the to gob base in eastern siberia on this date in one thousand nine hundred eight flattening hundreds of square miles of forest and resulting in tremors that can be bell felt hundreds of miles away. What caused the explosion in one thousand nine hundred eight. We don't know lots of speculation that it might be an exploding Meteorite that it could be something. Nobody really knows. President harding appointed former president. William h tapped chief justice of the united states on this date in one thousand nine twenty one in one thousand nine hundred eighty four adolf hitler securities position in the nazi party by blood. Purge ridding the party of other leaders. Such as ernst ron and kirkman schlichter in one thousand. Nine thirty six margaret mitchell's gone with the wind publish. Frankly i don't give a damn in. Spite of language was considered scandalous at the time gone with the wind. An amazing book and motion picture published on this date in one thousand nine hundred thirty six president. Truman ordered us ground forces into the korean conflict on this date in one thousand nine hundred fifty and in one thousand nine hundred eighty three. The first production corvette built at the general motors facility in flint michigan. They call her corvette and she belongs to the highway. Just for the sheer and simple joy of driving on the open and the country. By mr and mrs america in a carefree move the first host of the today show day getaway in one thousand nine hundred fifty four commercial for the corvette the twenty six th amendment which lowered the voting age to eighteen ratified by the us states on this date in one thousand nine hundred seventy one from eleven million young men and women who are participated in the life of our nation through their work their studies and the sacrifices spreads defense are now to be fully included in the electoral process for more than twenty years. Have advocated the eighteen year. Old vote i heartily congratulate our young citizens on having games this right president nixon congratulating the newly franchised voters in one thousand nine hundred eighty five. I president reagan announced the release of american hostages from lebanon thirty. Nine americans held hostage for seventeen days by terrorists in lebanon free safe and at this moment on their way to frankfurt germany. They will be home again soon. The president added the. Us would fight back against terrorists for a tax on american citizens and property in nineteen ninety eight. The remains of a vietnam war servicemen buried in the tomb of the unknown soldiers identified as those of air force pilot. Michael j blassie in one thousand nine thirteen nineteen. Firefighters died controlling a wildfire in yarnell arizona. And it was two years ago today. President trump became the first sitting president to visit the democratic people's republic of korea. Among those passing away on this date in history and name. You might not know. James d voire. He invented the twinkie. Favorite snack kick stands alone. Yes the twinkie inventor which james. Dr passed away on this date in one thousand nine hundred five also passing away on this date a man instrumental in broadcasting in venture lee deforest spanky mcfarland of the our gang comedies the very delightful gale gordon radio and television great. Phyllis hyman jazz vocalist country. Guitar player producer chet atkins saxophonist. Joe henderson and the berry very delightful funny but he hacked to pro wrestlers born on this day. Who are no longer with us man. Mountain dean and strangler lewis also born on the state actor. Susan hayward actor singer lena horne magician harry blackstone and the supremes florence ballard. This birthday number. Eighty five for ted wipes ted knight's wife in too close for comfort nass. Nancy dussault also another pro wrestler. Got a couple of mon them list. Today terry funk turns seventy seven we wish him the best his health has not been the best and also i might as well mentioned. Cody rhodes the son of the american dream. Dusty rhodes who is not only a wrestler but executive vice president al elite wrestling from married with children. Steve rhodes david alan grier sixty six for men in black and full metal jacket. Vincent owned free. Oh sixty two years of age. Mike tyson turns fifty five today. Can you believe it from patch. Adams sign head over heels monica potter fifty years old and one more wrestler who we haven't seen for a while a leash a- fox thirty five years of age those just a few of the people who celebrate the thirtieth of june is their birthday and at this happens to be your birthday happy to talk off you. Thank you mrs miller. From sixty four years ago today. June thirtieth nineteen fifty seven suspense agnes moorehead starring in the yellow wallpaper on this wednesday classic radio theater on your favorite stations your struggling with your mortgage you think about it all the time. What are we going to do if we lose the house. It's time to stop thinking and start dialing call one eight eight eight nine nine five hope for free government program that offers expert one on one advice about your mortgage options. We've helped over a million homeowners and we want to help you. Call one eight eight nine nine five hope or visit makinghomeaffordable dot gov brought to you by the us treasury hud and the ad council. Did you know that birthday parties. Help build confidence in kids. Yeah did you know that giving kids less sugar before bedtime helps them sleep better. Oh totally. did.

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