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Veteran center invites you to attend the 2022 national Memorial Day parade Memorial Day afternoon Monday may 30th at 2 p.m. along constitution avenue Join thousands as we honor the sacrifices of our military across the ages featuring musical performances marching bands celebrities and active duty troops The parade is presented by Boeing and made possible with support from amvets veterans united home loans and leidos To learn more about the parade visit national Memorial Day parade dot com Ten 28 Traffic and weather on the aides to read a Kessler in the WTO traffic center Well I've got a bit of a mess in the district on the outbound 11th street bridge after M street under police direction for the crash at one point traffic and stopped delays are coming out of the third street tunnel and before the third street tunnel trying to make your way past the scene and across the bridge onto two 95 Also in Maryland to southbound two 70 near three 70 the crash had been along the left side delays are breaking up a bit so that may be cleared Southbound three at four 50 defense highway follow police direction around the wreck northbound near evergreen road in Johns Hopkins road is a report of a wreck taking a look at the delays on 50 now trying to head to the bay bridge that eastbound 50 backup begins in parole at it all the way across the southern river bridge to the bay bridge The delays in downtown Annapolis have eased quite a bit since the naval academy graduation has already started around a half hour ago So you're not going to find a lot of delays You may find some redirection around some of the closed streets for the graduation however looks like this delay now is just headed to the bay bridge Right now not running two way traffic not sure if they're going to be able to run two way traffic on the westbound span of the bridge with the threat of the weather So for right now it is two lanes eastbound two lanes westbound headed across the bay bridge Oh wait looks like they have implemented the two way traffic operations on the bay bridge So you do have three lanes found two lanes westbound for the moment at least until any weather starts to roll in so hopefully that delay will begin to dissipate now if you're in Virginia on 95 southbound near two 34 in dumfries the crash reported along the left side And here's something you don't see every day Northbound 95 before 6 O 6 in thornburg People are on the right side of the roadway Your lanes should be open but they are reporting a cow on the right side of the roadway on the shoulder near mile marker one 16 police are there to try to make sure the cow does not go into the roadway but it may cause a distraction I'm Rita Kessler WTO traffic Wow all right storm team force Mike stennis Under a tornado wash until 2 o'clock this.

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