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But now the two reports from the New York Times and Washington Post the day are suggesting dodge the of structures, perhaps not separate from the collusion question. These investigations are actually linked. So where does the suspicion conference mostly coming from a President Trump's? Rhetoric. He always say something that from the establishment point of view, really pro Russia or beneficial to Russia. So for instance, hey praised Russia, basic, not Russia, actually, the Soviet Union invasion in one thousand nine seventy nine of Afghanistan, and he also sort of defend Russia's behavior in two thousand sixteen and also denied that he has his campaign has any link with Russia. He participated in meeting with with President Putin in Helsinki. And after that, there's no detailed information about what he has been talking with president wouldn't so a lot of suspicious activities and Rodrigues worse coming out, and smiles sort of giving the other party and excuse to be suspicious about his connections with Russia. So I think a lot of things. Basically, not only President Trump is saying things, but also his ideology basic his America. First agenda is really upsetting to the political. Political establishment in Washington DC that conflict is essential. I think is even bigger that political. Mccown flicked is bigger than the problem of Russia connection at this point the White House press secretary, Sarah sender that unlike President Obama who Russia and other foreign adversaries PU Chamara around President Trump has actually been tough on Russia. What's your take on those statements will from some perspective, you can say, yeah. President Trump is maybe more tougher to Russia. He quits appeal. A he basically approved the sailing of lethal weapons to to crane and he also reinforced military presence in eastern European countries. So in many ways, yeah, he's sort of more his showing a tougher stance against Russia in many cases, however in in terms of effectiveness, I don't think Sarah Sanders. Is is true talking about President Obama's behavior to us right because at the end of his term imposed severe sanctions against Russia, and so far President Trump's administration didn't even didn't impose many severe kind of economic and political sanctions against Russia. What about his decision to throw US troops out of Syria is not a move that is further their interest deductions. I don't think. So let's talk about the reason why President Trump decided to withdraw troops because the Washington some of their strategies and experts talking about the withdrawal is Ron and its benefits to Russians over Trump's reasoning for strong troops is that there's no further necessity for us troops to stay in Syria because the mission of defeating ISIS has completed and he does not want to spend more money in American blood in that region. And that was his campaign. Promise in two thousand sixteen as early as early as twenty fifteen. So I think that's not really a problem. Thank you, Dr gel, high research fellow with China's academy of social sciences commute up. Emmanuel Macron launches national debate to calm yellow vest protests. Protesters employee's clash in Sudan in the fourth week of anti-government demonstrations, you're listening to today. Stay with us. Locum back. You're listening to today. I'm joing now is global survey were relocate was happening around the world. Joining me in the studio is my colleague enough. Thanks jarring. I helping Asia officials in the niece say they have found the black box voice recorder from a line air flight, which crashed off the coast of Takada and killed hundred eighty nine people on board the October last year financial supervisory service data showed for a nurse dumped a net. A six billion US dollars worth of south crane stalks in two thousand eighteen ame-. External uncertainties such as the interest rate hikes in the United States and treat a conflict among major economies in. No shania. Temperatures are set to soar across us earlier this week with the mercury feted two feet. Forty five degrees celsius in parts of toria thousands trillion and New South Wales in New Zealand almost three thousand June. Doctors are better to walk off the job and go on strike for forty eight hours after talks between their union and district health wars broke down last week wing onto Africa. The Southern African Development community has called for a unity government in the Democratic Republic of Congo falling in the disputed presidential election immed-, some forty thousand rapes are reported every year South African president REM has urged the men to unite against a rape and sexual assault in the country calling..

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