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This is Jennifer Hale and the voice of a whole bunch of stuff in cartoons and games and. Not, systemic in the Marvel Universe Star Wars Universe by. bioshock infinite all kinds of cartoon stuff and you're listening to Nerd Don. Nerd on what is going on everybody. Welcome back to nerd on the podcast you didn't need but you deserve and we're all levels of NERD are welcome. We have a very special episode today as we're GONNA get right into some of the business and I. Let's introduce the host I. Am Josh I'm Ali and I'm Tom. Gaylon. And this episode is brought to you in part by the members of the nerd on nation that is powered by Patriarch on as a member of the nerd on nation. You do get awesome perks like you get early access to these kids. You get bonus episodes that nobody else hears you get discounts on Merch. You get early access to merch you get access to secret channels on our discord server that is just between US and other members of the nerd on nation All sorts of really on edge and you get a nerd on nudge for our weekly show, the update, we answer questions from you the audience, and if you are a member of the nation, you get your questions answered I. It's fun stuff But yeah check that out join the NERD ON NATION AT NERD ON DOT TV backslash patriots on and join that discord nerd on dot TV backslash discord fun stuff. It's a great community that continues to grow and all the time. We love you guys and a big shout out to our partners apogee and Ozzy. Apogee has quipped us with these microphones the height Mike, the ultimate podcasting microphone Do suggest when you get a chance to get a hold of one get it they are flying off the shelves. They're hot and they and for a reason. I'm a reference. I do acting classes and stuff, and pretty much every time teachers are like, where did you get that microphone because I need it now I have friends who are teachers and they're all having to do distance learning right now, and some of those teachers are thinking about doing podcast and I said. Which? Use. That to. Everyone's like Oh my God like all my all my plea. Byan. Friends who don't allow. Oh. Where'd you get your? You have a whole setup going on. Because I care how I sound and As the WACO. Tom Inventing, the society of most Dushi. Read every. Time you the ad for the soap guy that guys like I he makes me so infuriated and like you just said that your like piece for not listening to. So anyways apologies. Amazing. Apogee. Then a big shoutout to odisea headphones. We have their LCD ones I cannot see them enough. They sound so yummy. They also have Bay. Also have their video game headsets Moebius It is incredible streamed with it a bunch and people have made comments of how the Mike because you know how gaming headsets like sometimes you listen and you're like, what are you using? Is it like a can with a stream like what is happening these sound ultra clear and they also have they have a new headset coming out in the near future that's a wireless. That has a shure microphone it was..

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