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I do for a living. This is this is where i you know if it felt good to be you. Think about a dual threat. Back entering the league with jean. I mean you would want as much repetition as you could possibly have. And the fact is physical. Repetition didn't happen for the chiefs in an edwards. Helaire in your one. And like i always go back to those. Let's not forget. He had eleven hundred yards from scrimmage as a as a rookie and i just think the hype was so much from a national standpoint on these shows. And i think there's a fantasy football aspect to it. That felt like a letdown. Because he you know you expected him to produce even more but this has been a point and the really haven't been afraid to lean into it. And i think a big part of it is okay. We were actually able to install some things in the off season for edwards helaire and that even bleeds into the greater point of like this is why the the teams really like having these off seasons in person because you can start to install things ahead of training camp where training camp becomes initially more of a review than having to start fresh and you could hear it in edwards layers voice. You could tell he's determined and he's a lot more comfortable at seems going into this training camp last training camp. We'll have of course he is you know. Because he's he's had more exposure to things. He's at an opportunity to work on it on the field. Would you didn't get to do last year. But i think there you you you touched on this pete and i think that one of the things that as chiefs fans we have to remember Is that our expectations are skewed pretty badly because of kareem hunt you know. No one expected kareem hunt to explode and be such player in his rookie season. And so we've set the bar pretty high for clyde edwards helaire and and i and i agree. I think that eleven hundred yards From scrimmage in his rookie season is a excellent was without the kareem hunt. Backstory probably think that was fantastic but I think that there was an expectation that The chiefs if they got a really good running back would just immediately have the kind of domination. That hunt had in his rookie season. And that's a really high bar to meet. And i think that's kind of ruined our expectations on what to expect from a running back. Yeah and let's continue off that point. If you really look kareem hunt season last year there was a period of believe it was four or five games where nick chubb was out and kareem hunt who we thought. Was this golden goose. Three or four yards per attempt So i look at it. And i'll go back to andy reid and now looking clyde edwards allaire. And i'm saying maybe this is the year that we see that type of seventeen hundred yards from scrimmage explosion that we saw from hans that rookie season where he was able to win the rushing title. Other point just wanna hit quickly on this and this was something. I kind of put two and two together when i was reading this up for our arrowhead. Pride dot com last week greg. Lewis moving from receivers to running backs coach. Be more intentional than we gave it credit when they announced the staff moves. It starting to really seem like well. Yeah i know that. Andy likes greg lewis as do the players. Let's get him some more experience and more positions. This is how you build to potentially being what would be an offensive coordinator in the nfl. Especially if you don't work with quarterbacks let's get him everywhere but also in the fact that. Hey greg lewis played eight years at the receiver and the nfl. If anyone on our staff can help lotteries allaire develop into this dual threat back. It's greg lows right. And and i it. You're exactly right. This is it again. We're looking at multiple angles of this thing. You know that. This is the kind of thing that greg lewis needs in order to become a offensive coordinator to move up to that next step. So that's true but it's also true that he will be able to bring things to edwards helaire. That another coach might not be able to so again. We're looking at multiple levels of this thing. And and i agree with both. Let's go to chris. Jones and the defensive side of the football. The new edge player for your kansas city chiefs came in league originally a d. n. a. l. Just unfortunately we had guest at Assailed at a level. When i came in as just houston d four. So you know awaited my tire and Thank god finally have for. That was the moment that i said. Now he's officially because the way he spoke it is not someone who's going to be jumping out and and rotational fashion. It's someone that is trying to learn the position. Now we need confirmation from steve spagnolo. Us back knowle's unafraid. To call anyone out. We know that. I know that first. Hand so we're gonna have to see what he says During training camp but it really does feel like okay. Chris gels is finally getting his opportunities to ask for really since he was a rookie in his league. Put me at defensive end. And watch what i can do as a pass rusher. Es you know again. We're dealing with multiple levels here. And i think that's his perspective on it but i'm still convinced that the chiefs are going to want to move him around and make him a chess piece that that offenses are never going to know where he's coming from. That's to me the kind of thing there's spagnolo does and so i don't expect it to be a full time defensive end. I think that's chris jones talking about being the main guy. Here's where i get. You might be right and again. We'll see what the numbers coming out you. you do. a great job with our snap counts. Here's where i disagree. I think you look at the base of this defensive. Line your best combination for base. Let's assume this clark thing fizzles out. And he's regular yeah is is clark. It's naughty easy. It's jarran reed. And then it's chris jones like taco charlton isn't good enough to for me to take nadia of that next. You know what i'm saying. So that's where i differ is. I'm just adding up the totality of the skill of these players. Like is there an edge player. That's not named chris. Jones are frank. Clark that you'd wanna put on the field and a base for example that is a better option than having noddy and read in there and his jones coming off the field. You know what i mean. So that's where i'm the ch- the dropoff from jones as an edge guide to the next stage guy is just oh. It's just too much for me to remove naughty off the field. And that's that's where i think i fall well based on what we know. Now you know. We're we're going to look like tim ward comes out there this year and is mike danna. Looks like an animal or taco charlton right is about as taco chain on and he's saying it's taco tuesday and we're going to go i've by the way taco. This is a side note..

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