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Bobby was andrew. bobby. No bobby's fucking went through the right table. Bobby fish table but there but now he's that happened and he was like okay and earlier. In the match there was a moment where pat. I can't remember who he was going against but grabbed him by the leg went. Woo input on a figure. Four and i said okay. He's doing this because he's a mark and it would be a fun moment for any of us marks to get in the ring and put on slap on a figure for so in that moment i said okay. It's okay he's playing the he'll ish mark. Who's doing marquee wrestling fix. And then undisputed era start fighting the rest of the kings of who they. Don't call them that anymore. But for some reason it stuck with us and then pats on the top of the fucking cage and leaps off which is another mark moment but as i described in our chat. That wasn't that mcafee. The character being a mark that was pat mcafee the human being being a mark for himself. And saying you know what would get me laid. If i could show a cool asked clip of me jumping off the top of this cage. It'd be really cool because if you are coming from the character of pat mcafee who is a mark for himself he is a. He'll he's a cowardly he'll which is why he is. Recruited the scariest mother fuckers in an xt and they even pull a moment later where he does play cowardly. He'll all of undisputed era staring at him. It does it make sense for him to climb to the top. Jump off because that is a scary fucking thing to do logic. It didn't make sense for him to climb to the top of the ring. Post and fucking jump to the outside. Bring post is different. That is nowhere near as high as the top of the war game sell. That is what's bad is if they still wanted to do the spot they could fix. Because my opinion that kind of high spot works well for a baby face and works. Well for a he'll if the he'll eat shit and he did not notice them not cash you the best way. In my opinion if was your. I'm jumping off the self fuck. You is have undisputed era fight. Look up realize what's about to happen and just shove the kings into him. So that means he takes out his team stands up and then we get the. Oh god all of my insurance policy is currently on the ground after being squished by a thick boy. I'm fucked good moment. But that was the moment that really made me angry at pat mcafee. What made me really angry was end of the match when he gets hit with a fucking panama sunrise. Adam cole spirit bomb if we're gonna keep making references and he kicks out of it. It's not like only ran over and broke up the pin which he could have done easily because he was right. There pat was such a mark for himself that he said no. I need to do something that only a few minutes. History of done. Okay as i've told you before you do realize that he can't just be like i'm going to their seven other people in this match. Yes but i i do. I'm an agent. I think everything's going your weird version. It's like w c w and he's hulk hogan he just gets to say whatever he wants back adam cole had to be like and then you kick out of a pan of sunrise. But you do like. She didn't get to make that call what he was part of it. He had to have been part of the story. Get pissed at him for being part of something. That's like getting pissed that somebody being in a car crash and they were in the back seat..

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