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And to stay in my strike, though and you know I knew if I put a good sway on a ball and I sent it I have pretty good chance leaving the ballpark. And then you're sitting there with a chance against Sammy and the cubs in September with a chance to get to the record to pass the wreck. Sammy's on the field. As you get into your home, fortunately as you get into that series, did you look at the opportunity any differently? Because it was against the cubs, because it was against Sammy Sosas team. Not I don't think so. I mean it's Yeah I. Mean it just worked out that way you know a lot of weird things happened that that series against the cubs. You think back on September Seventh I. Hit my sixty first home run on my father's sixty first birthday That's pretty wild yeah. Hit number sixty two in the fourth inning, the same inning. That Roger Mirrors hit sixty one. I'm as the ball. The ball was marked. They MLB put this this mark on it where you could see it by a certain kind of light to see. what number they marked every ball when I count to the the play, they brought certain balls in through that a pitcher to pitch to to pitch me with. The ball that hit over the fence number sixty two was marked number three. They brew. So it's, it was. It was a very very eerie sort of lake. I mean you sit back and think I still get chills even about I, sixty one of my dad sixty first birthday. Roger Maritz it's sixty one on October. First two years later, October first nineteen, sixty three I was born. Lau, really so yeah. It's it's. It's one of the things that it's really never been talked about, and it's the thing that I I got chills just thinking about how? To they just you know reminiscing eighteen years going on. Now. Since it happened, but. You know. The fact is that I still I still remember going out on the field and the top of the fourth inning and I remember this this calmness. It came over me. And it was just it was eerie. It was almost like. It was going to happen the next at bat. Did you thought that? I. It was one of the things I just had that feeling when I got to play, totally forgot about that feeling, but when I was out there defensively on top of the fourth inning. I just it just this this it. It's really hard to describe the feeling that came with my body. You know that night. You know they they. They gave me Roger Maris's back. And and hug it and I kissed it. And I I don't know if it if he was looking down US watching I believe he was the whole family was there. And doing it on? In the same ending that he did it to break the record I mean that's that's just tells you. How just? Special that was. I'll tell you. We got the pleasure here talking to mark Maguire about the chase at about nine, hundred, ninety eight, and all that went into embark. Dorian I big baseball. Fans and you talk about that day. At Bat, the way you do with all those memories and everything tied into it, take us through mark that entire at Bat September eighth against the cubs at enabled you to break the record. Well I I I can think it's. Always, remember basins Steve Trachsel, just really heavy sinker down his own. just a guy that I like I like sinker ballers. I like guys throwing the ball low. You knew you had to be patient with him. He was a type of pitcher that he wanted you to get yourself out. Face quite a few times prior. It was just one of those things where I gotta secret down. I hit a line drive and I'm thinking. That's a double down the line you know, and I'm put my head and. You know I'm thinking I gotta get a double out of this. Sure enough as I look up. Dave McKay is like had his hands way up in the air and he. Sort of blocked me from Trenton first base and The ball goes out of the ballpark and next thing you know I. I turn around I. Go back and touch the base you know. And then just it was just. It was one of those things where I mean you're I I. Watch the video and and I'm hugging hugging guys, taking guys, hands and hugging people. I I don't know I. Don't know what came more I, just said. Oh my God I'm just going to do this. And I and I remember getting play, and just giving Scott Services, big hug, and then my son came up and the whole team came out. it was it was truly just unbelievable, and then again I had to go out and play the rest of the game you. Don't get it just right there, but no I had to go play the rest of the game and we ended up winning the ball game and. You know just I mean it was just one of those things where how you know this really happened because. You know I was tabbed to break this record going back to nineteen eighty seven. Came on the scene you know and eighty seven and I ended up hitting forty nine home when runs which is still is a is a major league rookie record. but I had thirty three home runs the All star break. and that's all that everybody talked about was mark. mcgwire's going to break the record someday. Mark Maguire is going to break the record. And sure enough nineteen, eighty eight I did so It was one of those things were I throughout my career. You know had so many ups and downs with a bunch of injuries. I contemplated on retiring at one time because of my foot injuries..

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