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Those needs supporting disadvantage, foster children and helping several families escape the Spanish civil war in World War Two. Oh, my talk about a little bit too. I'm in her personal life. Oh, big hit struggled with alcoholism and drug addiction, and she was infamous for her uninhibited sex life. So exactly like me. Again, I'm not seeing it. Though, a transient member, sir. Knoll coward. Oh, wow. Did English playwright composer director actor and singer known for his wit flamboyance end, what time magazine called a sense of personal style accommodation of cheek and chic pose and poise. Okay. I see what you did their time. Many of his works including hay fever private lives. Designed for living. Present laughter in Blake spirit have remained in the regular theater. Repertoire he composed hundreds of songs in addition to well. Over our dozen musical theater works, including the operatic called bittersweet. Also screenplays poetry short stories. The novel pomp and circumstance in a three volume. Autobiography a coward's stage and film acting in directing career spanned six cades, which he started many his own works. So that's amazing. He's a guy know also EDNA Ferber. So she's an author and playwright whose novels included the Pulitzer prize winning so big in nineteen twenty four showboat from nineteen twenty six that was made. Into the nineteen twenty seven musical. Yeah. Cimarron in nineteen twenty nine made into the nineteen thirty one film that won best picture. The Oscars giant in nineteen fifty two and is palace in nineteen fifty eight. Wow. Ferber never married had no children and is not known to have engaged in a romance or sexual relationship in her early novel. Donna Hera, the title, character's aunt is said to have remarked, quote, being an old maid was a great deal. Like death by drowning a really delightful sensation. When you see struggling. She was like good. I'm doing fine. I'm living my life. I'm gonna Pulitzer prize left, and right and other guy that hung out with these guys all the time was Harpo. Marx o k the comedian in films starter he was born Adolph marks. But change his name to earth er in nine hundred eleven because didn't like the name Adolf. This was like way before Hitler. Oh, he just didn't like it. So he was like the clown slash pantomime. Mark's brother curly, reddish blonde wig. And he never spoke during performances either like blow a horn, or whistle to communicate. So by do, you know, the names of all the barks others 'cause I didn't I didn't know the mall before this. You got Groucho you got Harpo and he got. Mungo three more. Oh my God. There are three more thought there were only three five of them Mungo. You got Bongo you got beans. The funny ones the funny one so remarks brothers were Groucho Harpo, Chico Chico gum, Gumbo and zippo zeppelin. I did nose up. Well, obviously to me. But yeah. So I dunno beans chose first name was really Julius Harpo. First name was Arthur, but previously Adolf Chico was Leonard Gumma was Milton and zippo was Herbert. Oh, so not much better. I guess so I don't know. Maybe we have to do on the Marx brothers 'cause they still come up like they're still like an inspiration for so many things. So yeah. A lot of quotes from Groucho Marx. Yeah. Did you know that that wasn't a mustache that wasn't mustache? It's grease paint. Yeah. Like he'd have a moustache you If you see see. a like a headshot. Okay. It's just black grease paint. A cool. I didn't know that was. Yeah, it's amazing. How about all? Right. Well, look for coming up. Marcus brothers after we watch all of their back catalogue. So other people that hung out with them were included actresses Blake daily IGLA Gallian, Margo Gilmore, a Selwyn wouldn't Peggy would also writers Jane grant, Herman Mankiewicz Alice. Duer Miller frig Sullivan, Margaret Leech, playwrights, Beatrice Kaufman, and Donald Ogden, Stewart, the magazine illustrator Neesa MC, mine and composer deems.

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