Prime Minister, Boris Johnsons, Supreme Court discussed on PBS NewsHour


Newshour what's next in the bracket that saga after a critical move by the prime minister is ruled unconstitutional. out of the shadows the survivor of the Stanford University sexual assault case reclaims her voice. US writer Tom has the codes one myth memory and his first novel the water dancer. British prime minister Boris Johnsons campaign to leave the European Union deal or no deal at a road block today the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom ruled that his decision to recess parliament was illegal and the lawmakers can return to work immediately in a moment John Yang will explore what's at stake but first Karen Jenkins with independent television news has all the details from another chaotic day. for U. K. democracy a defining day for the prime minister devastating Boris Johnsons reasons for suspending parliament the reasons he gave the queen torn to shreds by the country's eleven most senior judges unanimously the decision to advise her majesty to Perot parliament was unlawful we were witnessing said the Supreme Court president a one off history forged as the prime minister's five week suspension of parliament was overturned parliament has not being pro wrote. this is the unanimous judgment of old eleven justices. the.

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