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Outside of Charlotte yeah I live about twelve miles very in rock hill South Carolina he got white calling me all that's right that's right what's on your mind George we'll call you back one they are so what is the best but I love when you're only at our school all would go up to the dentist all the all weather station thirty does it all a seventy three we were out there I've been here a long time the devil's triangle yes with the business cycle is never studies done studies on again for our walk of our bond breach of all five not another stuff a lot of love all the little rock office for us all to buy out and live with less of it well what if the call it got broader broader Sokol down that's a lot less I thought that all the all the fault it back out there no not the showed up on the right all headed with the mouse wait for you that are out there that does the purpose of our at my house besides there's your five right George and this is a great call I can tell but unfortunately that your it's a little muffled I don't know can you maybe adjust the distance between your your your mouth and and the receiver or or something because I'd like to continue but it's a little difficult to hear just start at this so far keep keep talking I'll let you know oh okay to eighty why I called down to the bridge ask about offroad there does play come out all the stops read a book because I get paid to the but I would say is fine and Hey why not look thirty five what you like to pay a volley because you didn't have have not there yet he looked up and he said what if I I don't have to write all may come out there he loves his I think that there's nothing normal right all of that you know your quick responses come edit got broader and broader and I thought you know we're going to get a hit with an IBM or something not Oklahoma.

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