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Any money is Tom Busby SpaceX the Hawthorne based aerospace company founded by test was the lan must is now working with NASA scouting landing sites on Mars for an expected flight to the red planet long time eighteen T. executive John Stanky who became a big name in Hollywood heading up Warner brothers studio HBO and other media properties after the telecom acquired Warner media last year has been promoted to the number two position at the telecom in line to be its next CEO singer Arianna Grande is suing the struggling Los Angeles based clothing chain forever twenty one saying it's using a look alike in its ads after she declined an endorsement deal Wall Street kicking off the new month with a big selloff today that's amid new tariffs imposed by both the US and China this weekend and weak data about U. S. manufacturing the Dallas two hundred eighty points more than one percent drop the nasdaq down eighty eight a one point one percent sell off the S. and P. five hundred down twenty and the Bloomberg Los Angeles index down eight tenths of one percent and if you're looking for somewhere new to travel Saudi Arabia moving forward with plans to open up the kingdom to tourists for the first time ever later this month we check your money at twenty and fifty after each hour I'm Bloomberg's Tom Busby from the H. M. S. capital money desk KNX ten seventy newsradio big news on the gun front from Walmart we'll have that story in two minutes it is twelve fifty one is this collects over so many people say that small businesses are the backbone of the economy it is true that was something about the type of small business you would like to open up I know for me it would definitely be in the company of America is committed.

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