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A thirty six year old man is dead. After a head on wreck with a. Ohio State or with an Ohio State trooper on state route twenty two in Batavia. The dead is Anthony Bertram the trooper Jeremy alt- crossed the center line Friday night and was seriously injured a fire at a Lebanon acres mobile home park in Warren county, Saturday morning took the life of one person that victim has not yet been identified as a partial government shutdown enters the third week. There are different opinions of Saturday's Washington meeting include vice President Mike Pence and democrat house Senate leaders acting White House chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney, says of the Saturday meeting the opening line from one of the lead democrat negotiators was that they were not there to talk about an agreement. They were actually my mind there to stall, and we did not make much progress. Democrats say it was made clear to them that Mr. Trump will not drop his demand for billions of dollars for a border wall to allegations that the funding demands varied I think the president said for a long time it's five point six billion dollars for. Border security, including the wall Mulvaney on CNN state of the union Chuck Sivertsen. ABC news. A college basketball update, you see falls on the road to East Carolina seventy three seventy one UK takes a loss from Alabama seventy seven to seventy five and then K you gets a win over Detroit ninety five to seventy three an NFL playoff update its day day one of the wild card weekend is in the books for the AFC was a colts over the Texans. Twenty one to seven and for the NFC Dallas Cowboys win over Seattle twenty four to twenty two tomorrow. For a rather today for the AFC? It's the chargers and Baltimore to face off rather. It's the chargers in Baltimore to face off against the ravens for the NFC..

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