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I'm Dan all year. Students are sweating. How'd you get done sorely? Does he have all the answers? Oh my God. Why is it taking me so long? This hurts the Cowboys. The Cowboys have waited a little too long on deck in some is an so Philadelphia says we're gonna sign our quarterback to a contract early. And if you put deck and went up against each other, statistically Dak and his agent have an argument they should make more than Carson Wentz. He's got a better winning percentage than Carson Wentz. His TD to interception ratio is right along with Carson Wentz his passer ratings higher than Carson Wentz. He's never been hurt. Unlike Carson Wentz he's won a playoff game. And Carson Wentz has has an he's three and one against Carson Wentz. Now I think Carson Wentz is better than deck. I think deck is good. I didn't Carson's very unique talent. Like Andrew luck who's had some injuries. But by signing early they go to their rival Cowboys. Look at we paid Carson one hundred twenty eight million Daklak in his age or like we beat them head to head. We have more first place finishes division. We never get hurt. You know last three years, only Tom Brady's got more wins than back Prescott. That is a fact. I'm not making that up Clarence hill, pointed this out in Dallas. He covers the Cowboys Jerry and the Cowboys wetted too long assigned Dak eagles signed Carson Wentz made the market jump again as a lot of psychology to this. And I'm not criticizing. Carson Wentz for taking the contract if I was Carson Winston, I had those injuries college pro and you offer me one hundred twenty eight and I think this kids mostly likes to hunt and fish in a big city kit. That's a lot of money, take the money. But of Carson Wentz had never been hurt. I don't think I'd take the money I'd be like I can afford it injury. You're not going to get rid of me got rid of Nick foles not getting rid of me. So how he rosement, smartly knows the psychology of the injury. And he also knows the psychology and division forcing the Dallas Cowboys now to pay over thirty thirty one million dollars for that Prescott. Very, very smart. By the Philadelphia Eagles, it feels very Bella Cecchi. Turn your homework nearly bang it on the table in front of the rest of the class, homework's done. And then which everybody in the room go, why is he done so early? And my God, I gotta hurry up gets in everybody's head a little bit. Nice job with the eagles, and I do believe Carson Wentz terrific. Let me shift to this. The hardest thing for me to do as a parent. It's not feed my kids. It's not educate. My kids, not going vacations with my kids. That's these e part one of the hardest things for me to do as a parent running the household is disciplined, my kids, because kids are kids. They make mistakes so to adults. But let's talk about kids. So if my daughter does something, and I don't approve of it, and I have to punish her, I'm thinking about this. Okay. She's pretty hard on herself. So I don't want to over punish her. How's this going to look for my son because he's likely to make way worst mistakes in my daughter? And then my kids asked me, dad, did you ever do this did did your parents finish? You know, not really how does it land? And the truth is. Until you have kids. There's no rule book. Mark Stevens is an investor owner for the Golden State Warriors put his hand in a player, according to multiple reports yelled, bad stuff at Lowery of the raptors to I want to have don't have audio tape of that. But that's one of the claims I said yesterday, I would I would get them out of the ownership circle. And then for one of the rare times, I went home and actually watched my rant on that. I usually don't do that. I don't like to watch my work. Never have whatever..

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