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I'll start the clock. Okay. Back to counter, you made about being part of a man chain as a boxing, you know, person that interviews people. They only hate to see Nassauer radio. Right. Right. You know, you know, radio run hand the definition problem is Harper the mega don't even know about saving and now going to one of the theory. I think that what Syria wants to fight right? Quick and water wants to fight like when his hand is. Here's a little better. And present we all know what hundred is not a six months to either one year. So that's my car. Dominic. Thanks for calling in which subliminal. Hey, who do we got who? Did we got who? Do we got more super chats? Hold on. We got. Jack is the true stopped gassing this. Stop guessing this his head is big enough. Whatever. Oh, hey. Oh, hey, bus stop using my name with these losers out here. Don't be fucking using my name to boost profiles fuck out air. I see I see a chat, we would not speak loses names. What up? First or foremost my micro for believing in Gerald, Washington. Goes probably the worst pick of eight in a while. Yeah. That's why you say you go with the bed in line because you thought you was going to get some good money. But you know, you secretly not really no money day. That's right there. That's right. They're getting this chrome look. But he came on talking cash even wanted to bet me, and I'm like, I'm like, yo you might as well go with the better 'cause they giving you more. You know what I'm saying? Look, I'm not I'm not gonna get into how much money, you know, jail. Watch. But that's. Let me get into the topic today because I have a theory on what's happening to fully believe that Tyson fury is gonna take fight in the first bit. Here's why. One. If Eddie heard theory had been talking, right? Tyson fury would essentially Eddie look when. If you can help me get the fight under my terms of depreciate it Frank. Warren doesn't have the funds to bring to the UK. So that said when you know the table if you can't bring the fight to the UK he's gonna ask for all the man's that it'd be listed out in the minute that Wilders team can't meet all of them. All right, sucking fucking money. Others go through her he'll bring to the UK because if he wins the person and only get the, you know control the fighting where it takes place gets the pick the judges and all that other too. So that was the case, of course, her new was a go to person win, it theory water to you that make sense as to why you wouldn't wanna have agent fighting that you came next. So you low balls the UK fighter that he hasn't stable white makes the fight with Miller in America those in that you cable essentially while the furious. Yeah. But he wouldn't he wouldn't be able to pick the judges though, cut Cut it. it. Cut it. Joshua New Orleans, Dale. Like as. What the cut it right away. I was like a speaker DJ. What are Josh good morning? Oh, the Mon whatever. I can't back for that. They keep Thurman action. Because I think you wanted someone I called him tonight. But I topic of dozen. I what was the last split between theory, Yang, LA. man. We don't even know. Remember, we didn't even know what the purse was all we know is what they reported. We don't know. Nothing. Remember, they kept saying now, we ain't gonna speak about the final while the wouldn't even tell me, he never even told me all. What? I. Is only my. I like the fifty fifty between while the times. However, what has Jared their brain is fight and believe it or not he he had a lot to do with the numbers..

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