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I mean onto phone is the author of the novel was the hired man the memory of love and i'm says the stones and the memoir the devil that danced on the water her books won multiple prizes including the komo of writers prize book award and has been shortlisted for many others among them the orange prize for fiction the new stock price samuel johnson prize and the dublin international impact award she's acted as a judge for a number of literary awards including the international ma'am booker and is currently lamb visit him chair of poetics georgetown university and professor of creative writing at bath spa university and twenty seventeen was be and i'm not latest novel is happiness which we're gonna be talking about today thank you for joining us unto latins pleasure so how would you describe the novel i would describe the novel in this way an african psychiatrist attila comes to london he is here on professional businesses hits give a keynote speech in his field which his trauma award trauma he knows london as a place he comes off into the place enjoys but a series of encounters and of events bring him into contact with another side of london one with which neither he nor most of us are familiar you could call it a hidden london and he comes into contact with that under the london of animals it's the london of the service industry people the street performers but mainly the doom and the dustmen the traffic wardens and people and animals that don't normally drew our attention.

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