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Mired in their own victimhood and I I'm voting you with my brain and whatever I'm actually in a more feminist than liberal women or whatever to say that it it you know is is really to just throw your lot in with with whiteness and expect white men to protect you but you're you're you are literally you know you're voting for family separation at the border and you're voting for you know the stripping of abortion rights and your your voting to destroy the lives of of of millions and millions and millions of women and to pretend like somehow that can be a feminist vote is is just ludicrous I mean it's it's a fantasy and similarly to go to this wellness conference and be like I'm invested in wellness and I care about about people being well and women's women's specifically you know win women need to take care of themselves and then sit there all day long and talk about you know gluten and leech therapy when you know if you really want to talk about women's wellness you should be talking about how it's you know ranking water in flint exactly like there's there's a really similar I think kind of parallel like the refusal to to engage with reality you know and that's not to say that you know okay if you're a white woman with money and you want to buy a thousand dollar skin cream and put it on your face and you also are a politically engaged person who does think critically about the systems in which we live of course like fine right right but you know it and obviously I don't expect everyone to be of a political rally in a teaching or whatever but there was just something so disturbing I can't remember what year I went I can't remember if trump was president yet or not but we're we're goggles I mean these these problems predated trump obviously yeah I mean I I just think that it it's it just feels like a not everything has to be a political rally but how hard would it have been to spend a little more time making sure that that this event had any level of diversity right or even have one panel that the dress politics in any way we there was a panel about having it all as a mom and it was and no one talked about how they're all millionaires with you know clearly eight nannies right and if they did not talk presumably about subsidized daycare or standard family leave policies or higher minimum wages because another that's relevant to them right and I guess this is sort of where I where I'm aiming is like if you only care about things that are personally relevant to you without taking it too far new like if you're a white woman who only cares about white women's problems that's not feminism that's white supremacy in the west the witches are coming speaking with Rebekah traced her New York magazine you can see this entire conversation tonight at nine PM eastern on C. span to book TV WCS gear from Washington next symbol TV we'll hear from Nicholas Bacall he is not political science chair at Linfield college he talks about the famous debate on race between James Baldwin and William F. Buckley junior the event took place last October hosted by the Romans bookstore in Pasadena our guest tonight is Nicholas Nicholas be Cola he is the author of the political thought of Frederick Douglass and the editor of the essential Douglas and Abraham Lincoln and liberal democracy his work has appeared in The New York Times salon and many other publications he is the Elizabeth Morris Glickman char and political science at Linfield college in Oregon and lives in Portland tonight he's here to present his new book the fire is upon us James Baldwin William F. Buckley junior and the debate over race in America please join me in welcoming Nicholas piccola.

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