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I was on the election. I you can. I think some like Anti-choice guy posted on his website. Yeah no I was uncle baron. Election night everybody. Thought Hillary was GONNA win. She did when she did won the popular vote. Which is what is the democratic which should count but We didn't really look. They didn't want us to look at the news until he got on stage. And then like right before we got on the stage there like it. Looks like trump's GonNa win and then it's me and one of the guys from the circus and then Charlemagne who's like a personality. The three of us were talking to Stephen and he was like Giovanni hope left. And I didn't and we were live. Which is always tricky. And so I said some stuff without really thinking and I still get for you. Yeah what did you say? He was like Gina. Do you think Hillary is GonNa win as a woman does all on you. What do you think and I just was like? Get your abortions. Now because we're GONNA BE FUCKED WE'RE GONNA have to live with it. And all these pro-life people started sending me death threats which is actually Kinda cool. 'cause it's you know at least they're coming around to the idea but yeah. I think That's a whole other Duh threats. Gosh that's awful. People who call themselves pro life are so full of Shit. Just GonNa say it and I could. I mean I. Just if you're pro-life may people have access to healthcare and information like come on if you're pro-life support people giving people health care. Stop Trolling medical clinics that provide women with mammograms and a CD screening. And you know so care about lives outside of the womb. If you're pro-life I'm sorry it's just it's crazy. It's there's so much propaganda misinformation out there. That makes me really sad but you are. You're the boots on the ground when you're getting death threats from lunatics on. Does it scare you or do you just brush it off? I mean when it's like invoked our podcast all women get them all in and get them online column and get them. But you know it's it's you know it's tricky when you're out there you want you don't want people to hate you but you know you know it's it's it is dangerous. You're in a position where you want people to like you but you don't care if they hate you I don't want people to. I don't WanNA get killed. People are going to hate. People are going to like for whatever whoever you know you can get on stage and if you look like someone's xer like saying you can't control how people say but you want people to be kind and respectful to you and to each other. Would you advise young girls to get into this career path? That you're on no no why not. I mean I don't know. Do what makes you happy within reason. I think it's a tough courier. I've had a lot of success. I've had a lot of failure. I enjoy what I do. But then there's this little part of me that in two thousand and six when I was approached by Youtube to work and they're like strategic growth or some department in Chicago. I just was like an event that was they wanted you to. I used to work at an consulting firm and so I left the consulting firm and a head hunter was like. Do you want to interview for this job and I was just like me Youtube and I feel like I could have made a lot more. Change happen there. Then my comedy the of a side hustles. What do you got going my feet on wicky feet I make? I'm just kidding. That's a real thing right. I think it is. I would get paid to you know. Show people my feet. But I'm not there yet. No I'm doing fine. Everything's cool girls. If you want to go into comedy it is really fun. It's it's a lot better than it used to be. And you know go for life. Short specially now. Can I tell everyone? We're doing another self-focused. Yeah we're doing another soft focus Right I'm really excited about. It can't tell anybody what's happening in Canton. Anybody what's happening in it. It's really fun. I very much enjoyed performing at the adults from festival. Having guys dresses pickle Rick just listening to me. Talk about femicide. It's like you just don't get that opportunity like I never would get to talk to those guys and the fact that I do is so enjoyable do they. They seem to like you. Yeah I get even one of the guys who we Kinda trolled in our segment about Harassment and gaming message may be like. Do you need an intern can really just for you? And I'm like yeah do the other characters who've popped up on the show stay in touch now. I mean I'll get the occasional tweet. Nobody seen nobody has seemed to upset by anything yet. Those college kids they were really good sport. They were good. I think one of them not the one we accused of coming in the doll but I think another one like wanted to work on the show or something. That's nice and no No follow up from Mr McAfee. No but he did say he was going to eat his own. Dick at the end of twenty twenty. They think he's full of Shit. Yeah because Bitcoin is not at a million m still. I wish we had my one regret. Is I wish we had gotten the rights to his Dick. Eating right for the network. Just you know to have it on on your livestream. Gosh that would be fantastic can we? Can't we work on that for this focus? I don't think he's GonNa eat as Dick. Okay but if he does we neither. I agree I can make a phone call right now and see if we can make this we would like the exclusive live streaming rights. John McAfee eating his Dick. You might have to pay for it. Well of course. Can I pry on twitter? Please do okay. I'm just making note of it. Wow why don't we just do it here so McAfee you're tweeting it now? This is exciting. Not tweeting and I'm DMC TWEET IT DM. That's probably the past as what? Hey John I'm talking to a very powerful person at adults and they would like to buy the rights to your Dick Eating. At on December thirty cuttings livestream. The exclusive live stream broad cast rights global exclusive livestream global broadcast rights to your Dick Eating on December thirty one days in December twenty. Twenty any interest. That's fantastic hope. All is well otherwise. Yeah I go hi John. I'm talking to adult swim. And they would let I took just wanted to take out the very of course. Yeah you WANNA catchier adults flame and they would like to buy exclusive livestream global broadcast rates to your Dick Eating on December. Thirty first twenty twenty cap lies at the end of supper. Sorry nerds any interest hopewell's while otherwise so I'm sending I- idea I'm Tim and now I'm just sending you that so you can attach it to this if you will follow up on this day. Go by the time. This podcast is edited and produced. We'll have an update. Yeah that that'd be cool. Cool all right Jennifer Friedman. Thanks for subjecting to this. Are you talking to them? Army.

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