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Filled with over eight hundred Cubans reached Key West Florida U S Marines are now on duty at key west to keep order among the restless refugees waiting resettlement in the United States Cubans coming over during the Mariel vote crisis. The governor of Texas Bill Clements says the president has literally opened the floodgates placing. No limitations on the. Number of Cubans entering the United States and its show of protection to Fidel Castro that, you know, the United States is going to offer refuge to these people who are being oppressed by communism. Many of those who have arrived in the states, tell horror stories of being beaten, by pro Castro Cubans and secret police, you know, we see the same thing with over one hundred thousand Vietnamese people who come over by vote during the Vietnam war. Flood proportions early this year and in six months south east. Asian nations have been inundated Malaysia seventy seven thousand Hong Kong, sixty six thousand nother conflicts involving communism where the United States has something to gain ever increasing sea rescue operation in the South China Sea, which of course, includes about ships. But at the same time, you see equally large numbers of migrants from Haiti being turned away from the United States at a time when this country really doesn't have a whole lot to gain politically from accepting them Washington today, there's been a stunning reversal in President Clinton's policy for Haitian refugees. Those who flee their country on boats will no longer find a safe haven in the United States. So you see President Bush and President Clinton specifically categorize Haitian migrants economic migrants as a way to bar them from the asylum system and to keep them from entering the country at all. Even though many of them probably could have made a case for asylum under the law political repression by Haiti's military is as pervasive as ever mutilated bodies dumped daily on city streets from the very beginning. You see that part of these decisions are informed by essentially, a public relations campaign, and and also just just by diplomacy and by relationships with governments who we wanted to send a message to. So one of the biggest changes you see happens under President Obama as when the board of immigration appeals, which is the highest immigration court in the country takes up the case of a woman named Amina. See if when as the case involves Guatemalan woman who fled her abusive husband and her country in two thousand five raped beaten, kicked burned with acid and punch so hard in the stomach when she was eight months pregnant that are child was born prematurely with Bruce her lawyers argue that she's the victim of this broader crisis happening in Central America. There's essentially an epidemic of violence against women in Central America. And that governments. There are refusing to protect women and her lawyers are successful. They convince a panel of judges that there is in fact, a culture of they say much, he's MO and family violence in Guatemala for the first time an immigration board has ruled that victim of domestic violence may be granted asylum in the United States. Rates which means that all of a sudden it opens the floodgate of other women like her. So in this post cold-war era. This case seems to be broadening of what asylum looks like exactly. And this is a really significant case because it lays down precedent that applies to every single immigration court in the country. That's why it makes such a big impact. But you also see much smaller scale, broadening happening everywhere. All the while. I mean asylum law is a living thing, and it's always changing individual judges have a lot of discretion daily basis. They might be hearing a new type of case new type of conflict and type of persecution. And then they have to decide whether they think, you know, that person should be brought into the fold or not. So over time you start to see courts accepting cases from people who are fleeing countries based on a particular terrorist group, that's persecuting them or who are fleeing because of their sexuality or their gender orientation, many of the parents and children seeking refuge in the US are fleeing extreme gang violence in center. America, the surge of Syrian refugees fleeing ISIS and other terrorist groups and State Department is an answer. Now, giving preference to refugees who are gay because they may be facing persecution other countries..

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