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He that believes on me as the scripture has said out of his belly his innermost being shall flow rivers plural of living water. Now watch this. This was before he went to the cross. Were on the other side of the cross verse thirty nine but this of the spirit which they believe on him should receive for the holy ghost was not yet given because at jesus was not yet. Glorified of course. We know now that he has been given. But he's saying that you believe on him as the scripture has said out of your belly clearly in greek your womb the reproductive part of you if we're lack of a better weights. That's exactly. I know the new king james says heart but it's not cardia not that's not a good translation there it's kolia where when when Mary visited elizabeth or elizabeth visited mary. I'll get it right. And the babe leaped right in her womb. How does it yeah. John the baptist. Mary visited elizabeth and the baby lived in the same greek word kolia and so. That's what he's saying here out of your belly out of your innermost being so that speaks of reproduction. Now i'm gonna say this to you. I'm gonna say it. Quick in first corinthians chapter three verse nine the amplified bible says. You're the garden of god. I liked that the amplified bible. I corinthians three nine says you're the garden of got and then go all the way back to genesis chapter two beginning in verse ten and it talks about a river flowing from the garden of god and it flows in it divides into four parts. Bright john guy. Han hit cal and euphrates. And if you put those words together. Are you ready for this connecting it with here in john chapter seven. Jesus said speaking of the holy ghost that he believes only as the scripture as set out of his the reproductive part of him shall flow rivers of living water. You connect that you're the garden of god. John genesis chapter two verse. Ten on down you put those four river that river that divides into four parts. Are you ready for this. It means increase bursting forth into rapid fruitfulness and good increase bursting forth. in the rapid fruitfulness. I love it. There is a river the streams where should make glad the city of god even the tabernacle of the most. i think that's psalm. Forty six verse. four praised gotten. Check me on that all right so i just thought that was good out of your belly. He's speaking of the holy ghost. How important is the holy ghost in. Finding god's will well increase bursting forth into rapid fruitfulness if you allow those rivers to flow out of your innermost being. What is that chris. I'm glad you asked. I'll show you quick. We're going to be covering this. Moore's we get through this study but go to first corinthians to first corinthians chapter to watch this.

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