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In grand Perry tonight that are donating twenty percent of their sales up until nine pm, and it goes toward fallen officer HA cuffs done yet in grand Perry. Tonight. That's the one on sell state highway, one, sixty one in grand Perry south carrier Parkway in grand prairie in one on east east. I thirty in grand prairie near beltline southbound Enron okay? And so three whatever locations in grand Perry till nine at forty two minutes go there and twenty percent of what you buy will be given to the family of fallen grandparents AJ custom yet. If you can't get there, just go to my Twitter feed and donate, we're, we're getting closer. I got pinned to a top my feed, we're at we inched another percentage last night towards the goal. I'm just I'm floored that it hasn't achieved the goal yet, but grand Perry. Police benevolent association is running this, this or this fundraiser, and it's at the top of my Twitter feed at Chris crock show that at Chris crock show. So chief hall got in trouble. In Dallas, patting himself on the back bragging on their website that it's been twelve consecutive days without a murder, who does that this guy. She, she is the, the NFL Clete police union was which represents half the police force that is called for her get out is right. She's, she's in overhead she has no clue. And when you hear what the Dallas Morning News columnist wrote about her the other day. I'll share a quick couple quick highlights in just a moment. Yield fully understand that it's not just me saying that it's not just half the Cup saying that, but she literally. About twenty minutes or about forty five minutes before she bragged, that there was no murder that day for twelve days. There was one actually wasn't murder forty five minutes posted it but they didn't know about the murder right away, because they were too busy, telling you how awesome they are. And if you don't agree, if you don't like it's because she's black. That's what they said at the rally for her. The other day at this time when I city is experiencing a high crime rate in his, not the fault of chief home, this rally comes days that at the time of high crime, we need more crime ample opportunity to ensure that the job gets turned around, because she did inherit a mess. Why don't you love that? It's not her fault. She inherited a mess. No, no, no. It's crime has soared.

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