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A jury in New York to pay at least twenty five million dollars in damages to a woman who said she got an his bestest related cancer from using its talent based baby powder. For decades, punitive damages will be awarded next week. Amazon holding an annual shareholders meeting today in Seattle. It's expecting to hear a lot of backlash over its facial recognition software from privacy activists sales are slow so Tesla's lowering the price of its tesla three. Sedan and its model X SUV GM is a new feature. It won't allow vehicles to shift into gear until the driver's seat. Belt is buckled. It's aimed at teens who just aren't buckling up and the US postal service has begun testing out using a self driving truck on the long haul route between Phoenix and Dallas started yesterday. All right. Thanks, Tom Busby. Kevin car is here now talking about a possible redo of the last season of game of thrones. Good morning. Michael. Yeah. It's an online petition that actually started before the finale, and it's gotten over a million signatures, the last time I checked was one point three five million signatures. It's people who are upset at the way season. Eight in the midst of it been playing out. And then these people are equally upset at the finale, not because of, necessarily where people ended up from what I understand that beef that people have is with the writing because you have the, the show runners, DB, Weiss, and David benef- had been working off, George Martin's books, but eventually is several seasons in they surpassed the books that had been written. And now they have been working off of outlines ideas of where he wanted to take the books and where he expected it to go. And the argument is that they just didn't very good job writing them, but.

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