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That's exactly what it was it was a non answer Wallace did a fantastic job they're pushed him John during has absolutely nothing to do with the question that Wallace asked and again Steven Miller making himself look like a complete clown completely unqualified number one he sounds worse than kellyanne Conway I thought that was even possible Miller is is is that he's just the worst and it's a very fair question if you didn't if you didn't really hear what he said there. Donald Trump use private lawyers to get information on by then and by the way we're learning more information that Rudy Giuliani speaking of lawyers trump's personal turn was not working alone in this fight in Ukraine probe threat Chris Wallace added on his show again this is fox news on walls to show that in addition to Giuliani lawyers Joe did Jen Jen Elva as wife Victoria working alongside the former New York City mayor according to a top US official the three attorneys were working off the books quote. not within the trump administration only the president knows the details of the work that why would he do that. somebody please explain that to me. why would Donald Trump had his own personal attorneys looking into this Ukraine matter and the bidens. nothing on the books and the only person that knows the details of the work is the president himself and these three attorneys indigent over his wife and Rudy Giuliani now why is that. think about that for a second I don't care if you're a trump supporter I don't care if you're when the right on the left what is the reason why Donald Trump use personal attorneys and keep everything off the books. if he cares about corruption any any really cares about this issue and he wants people to find out about what's going on why would he keep it under wraps why we keep it off the books why the simple answer is because he doesn't want people to know what he's doing that's why and Donald Trump is gone nuts on social media over the last forty eight hours even by his standards he is absolutely lost his mind he is absolutely gone crazy he wants to meet the whistle blower trump suggesting that shift be arrested for treason for exaggerating with Ukraine he's going after she have some believable we'll take your phone calls on this what do you what do you make of all this seven oh two two five seven five three nine six again that number call seven oh two two five seven five three nine six let's start with that Stephen. Stephen thanks for calling the Vegas take what's on your mind my man. yeah good morning Mister Brian yes Sir I was hoping to add yellow perspective I I listened and Brian Kilmeade on a regular basis fact I can't remember the last time I missed this show. late that clip from. Biden probably three times a week. and I'm wondering why you don't play it rather than you're telling us what who's right and who's wrong I'm not telling you who's right who's wrong a let me give you some facts Steven so you can listen here's the reason why don't okay okay right well guess what first of all it's not your show and I'm wrong. first of all it's not are you gonna let me respond are you gonna talk over thank you it's very kind of you first of all it's not your show and I don't play what you tell me to play that's number one number two Biden was talking about firing the prosecutor do you know why do you have any idea why he wanted to find the right word investigators. wrong see you listen to fox news talking points and you don't know the facts why don't you be quiet once you. one of. why don't you be quiet you have to let me and let me educate you okay was gonna pod you down do not interrupt do not interrupt the bottom down a lot of them down because he won't shut up let me educate you Steven okay. secure was not prosecuting this case at the time Biden made that statement because you're an idiot and you don't understand what you are talking about I will help you out okay not only was the prosecutor not prosecuting this case at the time Biden made that comment but the reason why Biden and many others by the way including people in the Ukraine one of this prosecutor fired because he wasn't doing enough to prosecute corruption in general does that not make any sense to you do not understand what I'm talking about let's see if you could show just a little bit of intellectual honesty Stephen do you understand what I just said does that make any sense to you at all. it's a plausible denial it's not a plausible dials called facts I'm gonna ask you again. not prosecuting the case what part of do not understand don't Brian may he was not prosecuting the case. he was not.

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