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He was. Was a long time ago. Isn't that just a facade, Hugh? Total facade. Yeah. No. And I'm ready to break. The songs now Willie there. There. Can't play wolverine without having a little bit of that inside you somewhere. Now. It's the way I was brought up. Yeah. I mean. I'm still show people say that to me and my dad, it'd be going. Not I didn't like the way like you didn't shake you didn't call Mr. right? Mr. MRs, sir. Like, I was I saw you. But your elbows on the table come on. Like, he's you know, I was really brought up from my mom and dad actually with with that since that everybody needs to feel appreciated. My mom's still says that to this day and every body needs to feel appreciated. So wherever you go. Don't ever forget that. And it doesn't matter who you are and the pecking order make sure people feel that. So I don't know if that's interpreted as nice, it's just probably a good upbringing, and it probably feels one just being myself credit for those right? Yeah. Night on say, the private man, right? Good. By the way. I am an act like, you know, Willie. This is an hour. I can play an ice for an hour. Is widows lights go off storms out of here. And I'm just giving myself a sentence literally. Everyone's like, I'm gonna catch the moment. Like. I don't know if you'll remember this. You didn't interview with Rolling Stone in the year two thousand well, right? When X men was right? And you were asked about becoming famous, right? And you said I fear becoming famous right? Do you? Remember, what you were feeling in that moment when you were on the precipice, you weren't sure what was going to happen to your life. You said I don't know if I have the the will to be a star that people look up to in. I actually I had forgotten that moment when you when you're early on, and you create you get a lot of advice from people you've gotta be like this. So if you're movie star backed in the thinking was. You've got to be mysterious. Don't give up much of yourself. Hold everything. Back key people wanting more be mystery and mad unco. It's been five minutes when I'm completely the opposite. I don't really like all of my friends..

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