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What about the fighting? It's both these guys are transfers to. Yeah. Yeah. That's that's a great point too. But it says a lot about Lincoln Riley. And I think he's a guy that a lot of NFL teams certainly should be looking at as the NFL shifts more and more to offensive minded football in the passing game Lincoln Riley should be at the top of a lot of teams wishlists for head coach nineteen Forty-five. Doc Blanchard wins the MVP as a fullback for army and nineteen Forty-six. Glenn davis. Glenn, Dave halfback. Lynn davis. Not the same guy who played for the Astros in his rookie card. I spent way too much for as a kid. My brothers swindled me. But that's a different story. The first base solid stash. The brothers. Yeah. We don't wanna hear that out. But yeah, doc Blanchard is the only one I remember. Yeah. Larry Kelley and Clint Frank for year went back to back in nineteen thirty six and thirty seven. Larry Kelly's position and that was it. And I don't know what that's offense defense a Masumi. It's offense. I'd say football has evolved a little bit since then right back then back then there were lower odds for halfbacks and running backs and ends. I think nowadays you're gonna juice the running backs in terms of that. We don't see too many ends in the Heisman Trophy race. The smoky these quarterbacks what's your biggest liability on Murray or or to to is the biggest too. I know I know what single ticket. Oh single ticket. We have one guy. I think I may have mentioned it on the show a guy came in in late June anyb- at twenty two hundred bucks onto it twelve to one so say that he has a twelve to one for twenty two hundred. Yeah. And remember, I if you think back that far Nick Sabin was still pretending like he didn't know which quarterback he was going to go with between two and hurts. And that was why was to is odds drifted up a little bit. And then there was some where there's another guy that got down at ten to one. And then there's some really bigger bets guys were laying prices once wants the money shifted to where he was favored. We had a guy bed. I think twenty seven thousand two wins fifteen guy bet about almost thirty thousand at minus one eighty I don't remember the exact figures, but there's some there's some pretty big bets in their tour for. Sure. I love it visas serious accident. Now, you've already taken some college football sharp bets anything you can pass along. We're going to do a regular college football podcast next week naming any of those early action. Yeah. There's a little bit of stuff in there from some players, I respect. Now. It's not on the it's not on a playoff games. It's not on the two college football playoff games yet. But there's been some money come in on Auburn against Purdue in the music city bowl. Not sure how you feel about that game. But produce the money there are some money on Arkansas state. They were a pick em against Nevada that that's the air zone. -able that game actually starts at two thirty on the day of the college football playoff. So only the gamblers will be watching that many times clock. Yeah. So yeah. And then for Jinya tech Virginia Tech catching six points against Cincinnati. That's in the military bowl. That's on New Year's Eve. You know, Virginia Tech they beat UVA. And then they scheduled a game against Marshall to get bowl eligible. They won that game too. That's the only reason they continued their their long streak of playing in a bowl game. We saw sharp group take the points on them against Cincinnati. Yeah. That was a that was a blowout. Virginia Tech to get all eligible, and there was terrible weather in that game. So it was an interesting watch in of itself. One of our bigger bigger decisions of the day actually on Saturday. We had a guy make a really big bet on Marshall. And we won quite a bit on the hokies in that game. That was really good game for us double digit favorites in the college football playoff, both Clemson and Alabama for some we've seen that in both semi-final games in the brief history of the playoff..

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