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In the north and in the south in Vietnam Thuan are the differences. Is there any resentment because of the war between the north and south? No, no, I will tell you though, culturally. There is a difference in just like when you go to California, and you got to Texas and go to Georgia. There's accents. And there's dialogues that you can tell from just hearing someone if they're north or southern my father was actually from North Vietnam as young man and disagreed with the principals and the ideologies of men, so he moved to the south. And that's where he really stuck on his principle of not believing of communism would work. And so when you look at the country today, there's not a whole lot of difference where you could go from the south and go all with north and back down again without any interference a one. I'm sure you've seen all the Vietnam movies, whichever ones they are whether it's platoon or hamburger hill or full metal jacket. What is your reaction to those films? Any do you think that they're unrealistic? Unrealistic. They give people the wrong idea. What what's your reaction when you see movies like that? I was the best movie that really depicts it. Well is when we were soldiers by Mel Gibson. I battle first major battle of Vietnam. That's correct. What I appreciate about the movie also gave it on both sides that lives were lost on both sides for those who fought for and against and they had families and a much touching scene that the genera- Marcus dead was giving the letter back with a photo back to the family. And it depicted the the enemy if you want to call them now to fought for their country, but they believe is right at not being animals and just kill people. But really believing and fighting for what the hell true when you see protests, like the so-called dreamers are who are demanding that they have a pathway to citizenship and feel that in my opinion that they have rights that should be protected given what you went through came. I'm here legally. Of course, what's your attitude about people who come here illegally, especially the so-called dreamers who came here against quoting against her with no input lever? Lever? Children. I think the difference that I would defy with one word. It's gratitude when we came here to America, we were given a chance, and we were so grateful. We wanted to contribute. We wanted to do whatever we can to make this country that we've been blessed with better than what it is. We're willing to work hard will do whatever we need to do. And at the foundation of everything that we believed in was education with family. And so the word that I would talk about his attitude, but I think the other word is are you producer or you consumer? And if you feel your titled to something you already coming in at a very wrong position thought, and instead of just coming in to consume come into someone who's grateful and being thankful for what is available here this country gives so many opportunities so many kind people who are willing to bend over backwards to go out of their way. And I've seen that a result of that. It's just like me. I was not there standing in line when I was formed, but by the grace of God, I'm who I am. And again coming to America if it wasn't for an American ship that picked us up. I wouldn't be here. Bob is in Cleveland, Ohio. He did three tours of duty in Vietnam. Bob, you're on with Thuan Domin. Larry. Hi,.

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