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She'd text my wife can you believe this can't believe that and yes we're not going to find it through politics so yeah this is what we this is what we try and do at soul pancake i don't know for making any any headway at no they get president man they they did and we we have a couple million viewers but you know there's other youtube channels that have that you can watch people sensational content or watching people play video games that have twenty million followers so so who really knows but we you know we try our best we do our best yeah you know speaking of like this outrage culture that exists right now thinking about like work that you've done before in this current media climate in outrage climate that exists online half of the office could not get made yeah you know what i'm saying they could you cajal get away with that stuff now a week we couldn't no i think the office would get hit by the right and the left if it were being made today and in the same way that all in the family couldn't made today i think if you're skewering boy i don't have an example on the tip of my tongue like diversity diversity this is the episode where where you guys kind of parody racism and race relations by having an episode about this diversity day that just goes bad and like these characters end up being super hella racist yeah not really knowing it but like it couldn't it couldn't fly i remember like when when michael yells at kelly kapoor and the her first appearance in and he's does a fake indian accent and he's like try my gooky groupie or something like that and just right in her face and she slaps him yeah and goes away and then he's kind of shamefaced but it's never really addressed or any exact and what's the episode where y'all at the benny hana in one of the white guys can't tell to asian women apart so he mark with a with a magic marker can't do that no yeah but but like it's it's a show that has a heart.

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