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And 9 15 here's rob wood fork All down the capitals are down in Florida trailing the Panthers two one in game one of their first round playoff contest as we are just seconds from second intermission and if shots on goal were what we were scoring on it would be the caps in a route They've actually outshot the Panthers 29 to 21 It actually was more lopsided than that They were out shooting them about two to one for much of the game But not making the most of those shots as a matter of fact they're one gold Tom Wilson scoring early in the first period And that was in the final second of a two man advantage for the cap so early on a bunch of panther penalties giving the caps some opportunities but only cashing in on one and trailing two to one in this late in this second period In other Stanley Cup playoff game one action the penguins and rangers all tied to three a piece in the third period the nationals and rockies still scoreless in the bottom of the second inning in Colorado Eric fetty giving up three hits in one plus innings yadiel Hernandez the lone hit for the nationals so far The Orioles trail of the twins 5 two that one top of the 7th inning of a back and forth game of Camden yards round two of the NBA playoffs game two in Boston all Celtics even without defensive player of the year Marcus smart as he sidelined by a right quad contusion the seltzer in front 92 77 they have dominated this one from the start getting a monster game from jaylen Brown 28 points and nobody else even within shouting distance of that total in this game so far Rob woodfork WTO sports.

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