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In business's you know all over the place we've been talking to people but how does it affect people let's find out mike nelson joins us after a pretty i guess spirited meeting that was held on the big island last night mike thanks for joining good morning l let's try this again thanks for joining us early mike good morning especially for you it's really dark isn't it yes it is it is it is mike mike you know you and i go way way back and i wish we could catch up on the radio all of the decades we've missed a recent you know i i've been following what you're doing up there you must be absolutely just distressed at how many people are affected by this first of all for those that don't know tell us a little bit about the volcano volcano art center jenner is we have two locations one is actually in the park where we operate a gallery features over two hundred sixty of our local artists and then we have our neil on a campus which is where we work off of old volcano rogue giving workshops and classes ceramic studios and ongoing lectures what's going on in the art community in volcano would there be some people some of these artists is two hundred and fifty artisans at work with you the depend on the sales from that store or your gallery for a living now let me tell you my what i what i was impressed about first of all not just the fact that we've known each other for a long time at everything you do has executive professionalism but i saw things hanging on the wall that i wish we're in my home in other words what you're talking here is not a curio shop or knickknacks up you're talking about real art by real local artists we've even the in the shot on the other night minute shots over by shoulder was with an avi peace and you know bets several grand right off the bat and we have numerous pieces that are inaccessible four or five thousand dollars.

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