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We're back once. Favorite segment is raised. He's he's got an amazing guests MC Jin multiple performing person. And we sent you this article at checkout. I did or you don't even need to if you don't re- but If I don't read the region is that one of the leading So we got we want to talk about this and this is just a little thing in the culture right now you know so. I'll just read the headline says okay. boomer ends marks the end of friendly generational relations and it talks about this whole thing about calling calling our boomers. I guess you could say how did it start wasn't like a video where somebody was denying climate change and somebody commented I think just like any other inter- Internet type of thing like maybe a couple of people started saying it around the same time and then it like the the The New York Times piece here kind kind of talks about how now then started making t shirts and like I don't think anyone controls it owns it. It's just like something. People say. Now phenomena says like Oh okay boomers or has become has become generations. These endlessly repeated retort to the problem of older people who don't get it a rallying cry for millions of kids teenagers. Use It to reply to cringe a youtube videos Donald Trump tweets basically any over thirty. Pay Says I'll show that's me. Hey Fuck who says something about young people and the issues that matter to them so this yeah you know I have a seven year old. Oh He's not saying he's not saying okay boomer yet uh-huh okay daddy but yeah I read that article and it just seems like it's just another kind of thing. I don't know how long it'll last. I think the thing that stuck out to me an article was just people do in March and stuff like that making psalm.

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