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I. Just wonder if maybe that fueled how he came to look at her and how he starts to treat her as their relationship starts to crumble a little bit like I think about and if you remember the scene in no direction home, there's a there's a interview clipper. Joan Baez talking about how at one point Bob Dylan said to her hey, let's go headline Carnegie Hall or some other Big Music venue in Joan Baez says, what are you going to do with it? You know the implication being that if we're going to become big stars that ought to be to further some sort of political end. And it's clear that like Bob Dylan like by nineteen, sixty four. Was Not thinking in those terms in his career or in his art like he's looking at the beats he's looking at the French modernist writers and he doesn't want to be hemmed in. He doesn't want to be a politician. He wants to be an artist and it seems like that really becomes something that is beginning to drive them apart. Yeah. Absolutely. You can see. That, on his next release another side of Bob Dylan, in August, nineteen sixty four and it's really a political and the reaction from folk purists were it was sort of like a mini dylan goes electric moment they thought he was abandoning the cause and wasn't living up to his responsibilities. That was I. think the underlying things he has responsibilities and Bob didn't want them. And you know I always get seen in the life of Brian with the you know the the Judean People's front have you ever seen the monty python movie when it's just always a little cliques all hate each other and and just the infighting and everything I always got the impression that he sort of viewed the Po- The protest movement by like late sixty. Four like that as sort of the second century group that really that was forced into something he didn't want to be I think the other thing that's starting to happen to around this time, and again, this is bringing back the stars born analogy here where Bob Dylan is lady Gaga I just WanNa put that thought into the minds of listeners out of Bob Dylan. And serves born where he's becoming a bigger star..

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