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To stand with our immigrant community because Chicago's a city built by immigrants is a city that drives because of immigrants, and it's the right thing to do. I b I c represents a growing and diverse set of businesses and business associations promoting comprehensive federal immigration reform change of venues been granted for the trial of a man accused of kidnapping and killing a university of Illinois students attorneys. Brent christianson asked move the trial from her Bana to Peoria, they said, it would be more convenient for those involved in the trial and to allow more courthouse space christianson is accused of kidnapping and killing yingying Zhang of China in June of last year. Her body hasn't been found. Jury selection for christianson trial begins next April. Dave Schwann WGN news. We'll the third time be the charm WGN's. Roger badesch with that. She did it again nineteen year old deletion gyns escaped from the criminal court building Friday morning. I'll she was waiting a hearing. She did it once before and September when she was in court on robbery charge. Police are still looking for her. She lives in the fifty three hundred block of south Maplewood. Roger badesch WGN news Spanish, authorities say they've rescued thirty. Three migrants crossing the strait of Gibraltar, including a pregnant woman on a small boat and four people paddling kayaks across the busy shipping lane. The countries may retain rescue service said on its Twitter account today. It was informed about the migrants. Trying to reach Europe from North Africa by ferry and a coastguard airplane the distance across the street is less than nine miles from Rocco to Spain southern beach town of Tarifa, the international organisation of migration said last week more than sixty thousand migrants have reached Spain. So far this year almost all of them by sea in total migraine arrivals for Europe. They stand just over one hundred thirty four thousand in just twenty eighteen and have you picked out a Christmas. Tree yet. If not horticulturist Richard Henshaw with the U of I extension service says some varieties are sturdier than others the one that's most popular right now you scotch pine. A lot of people will also enjoy a white pine those branches are much more than in diameter and may group if you put either too heavy of an ornament or more than one ornament. On a branch were scotch pine. Hold up quite well Henschel says when you get the tree home make a fresh cut at its base and give it plenty of water sports, traffic and weather next on WGN at homecare assistance..

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